Chakra Stones For The Soul Star Chakra

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Origin and to enhance the principles of the Enlightenment and the soul star wheel is related to the ideal, "I go beyond." This means that a lot of chakra 'let go' and allow the spirit of the divine light, ideas and white lines to fill your life.

This wheel is connected to our region and our higher self and psychic abilities by this development. We generally do not an access to that information, because it can also be quite opposite. It allows you to let go of that might otherwise hold you back your current life to the old attitude.

If you will be successful in obtaining this information, it may be powerful, to help you make major changes to your thinking and lifestyle. When you integrate the lessons of your life may happen before. The eighth round of soul star wheel or seat is often called the soul. It is located above the top of the head, above the top of the wheel.

Soul Star Chakra... Where Is It ... Chakra Meanings

This wheel is located above the highest point of the body, and is about six inches above the head or about the width of a hand, and some up to two feet. It is the first personal super round. Although there are a gateway between it and the crown chakra, often called the gateway of stars, which is the next round of the etheric body above the crown chakra.


It is sometimes called the seat of the soul, because it is the spiritual energy and divine love, into the body proportions. Through the gateway, the divine light and energy-filtered into the top round of the whole body distribution. Meaning eighth or soul star wheel relates to infinite energy, spirit, the supreme god of wisdom and spiritual sympathy.

Which Chakra Stones to Use

Although many souls’ chakra gemstone stars are readily available, some of the following charts stones are not common and require special crystal shops were looking for. Prior to these higher vibrations of the crystal work, I always recommend that you adjust your chakras, and kyanite. Indigo kyanite, mainly related to the higher chakras, is an excellent stone to use in any Chakra into the supra-individual from the third eye chakra upward. All colors kyanite has a strong, powerful vibration, and will fill any gap.


Before beginning any further development work, make sure that you have taken care of this first, kyanite aligned with your chakras. Blue spar is very quickly align your chakras are very powerful. In your life you have a lot of accidents or surgery, and did not realize that these may result in your energy flow gap. Continue regular use kyanite, once you decide to use ultra-energy individual chakra work. This is done anywhere in the body of energy at work, not just an important spiritual work of stone used. This is a stone never needs cleaning. For more: buy gemstones online.

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