Centered Leadership at Shearin Group: Leadership Development

by Daniel Rose Professor

Shearin Group Training Services leadership programs have been assisting companies in France. With leaders at different levels have availed of our leadership training programs.

Centered Leadership


Centered Leadership is a tested leadership program gaining many benefits from it. This leading executive development program introduces excellent, modern leadership abilities to executives, senior and middle management personnel.


Shearin Group Centered Leadership is an effective vehicle to a new leadership approach in the 21st Century. It is designed to bring out the hidden potential of your people and to mentor them to achieve in an atmosphere of trust and respect. It empowers each one in an organization to attain outstanding results. It produces a mode of leadership – a well-rounded set of skills – to allow you and the company to grow and progress. It is an approach toward individual change and consistent improvement. It is a leadership program developed to effectively create a difference.


Our training programs aim to:


- Transform managers into effective leaders.

- Improve profitability, cooperation, integration and customer/client service.

- Develop personal accountability in attaining results.

- Motivate personnel, create a culture of accomplishment, trust, respect, and fun.

- Address crisis through reducing management problems.

- Effectively foster increased results in target achievement and success.

- Provide dynamic and interactive modules through a small class size (10 participants).


Program Description:


Centered Leadership engenders an environment where shared decisions allow members inside an organization to grow, develop personal accountability and responsibility for actions and results attained. What arises is a corporate culture where proper leadership qualities and personal abilities are not merely acquired by a few; they can be provided to as many people as possible, and eventually, allowing them to work effectively as a harmonious unit to produce greater success. Participants are inspired to describe the challenges they encounter at the workplace and to create practical and actual solutions during every session. The facilitator, action plans, case-studies, workbooks, self-assessments, spaced and multi-sensory learning methods act as effective tools and structures to facilitate practical application.

Individual Leadership


Individual Leadership program strengthens the belief that each tier of supervisors is called upon to create an environment where people realize what is expected of them. Leaders must be able to communicate effectively with their team, make sure that they are involved in the decision-making process, and they take accountability for the tasks entrusted to them. Based on this shared responsibility and accountability, observable increase in productivity is attained.


The program is a hands-on program that aims to ensure that your Supervisors gain not only management skills but leadership abilities that inspire others achieve their highest potential.


The program’s objectives are:


- Enhance profitability and results.

- Encourage people, develop workplace satisfaction.

- Improve teamwork.

- Improve levels of target achievement.

- Mitigate conflict, lack of discipline and crisis management.

- Be among more than 2500 supervisors who have finished the program in the last 16 years!


Program Description:


This is a participative and practical supervisory development training program that develops qualities and traits that will produce an effective and successful front-line leader. Train your Supervisors to really “lead - not just manage” and see how your organization can attain greater levels of achievement.


Primary Advantages to the Organization:


- Improved teamwork.

- Enhanced productivity and results.

- Greatly inspired people.

- People taking on personal responsibility and accountability.

- Effective communication.

- Reduced conflict.

- Lesser performance and discipline issues.

- Less crisis management.

- Increased levels of attainment of targets.


Primary Advantages to the Individual:


- Improved overall management skills.

- Improved individual time management.

- More effective communication and coaching abilities.

- Having more sense in control.

- Reduced stress.

- Greater confidence.

- Greater empathy and understanding of people.


Advance Leadership Skills


Most of today’s respected Managers have a certain level of knowledge and training in sound Leadership Skills. The burden or difficulty for these leaders is determining how to apply these skills in practice to attain positive results. The Advanced Leadership Skills program is a participative, hands-on program that will allow the front-line leader not merely to apply existing knowledge and skills, but also acquire new skills to attain greater profitability, assure effective communications, address conflicts readily, develop and sustain solid teams, and comprehend and create positive change.


The program aims to:


- Develop a top-quality team.

- Promote trust and enhance productivity.

- Guide team-members from attaining merely effective to highly exceptional results.

- Improve rapport among people.

- Ease conflict resolution procedures.

- Enhance negotiating and problem-solving abilities.

- Assist team-members go through change.


Program Description:


Advanced Leadership Skills is a participative, hands-on program that allows the front-line leader not merely to apply available knowledge and abilities and gain new skills but to attain greater productivity, assure more effective communication, settle conflicts efficiently, develop and maintain solid teams, and to comprehend and produce positive change.


Participants Will:


- Establish leadership objectives and programs; allowing them to use these skills right away each session.

- Use leadership behaviours and modes that produce a culture of common responsibility and accountability.

- Undergo within 5 minutes “on-the-spot” leadership activities.

- Communicate and engage team-members in readily and effortlessly going through change transitions.

- Get actual exposure to the advantages of applying 4 communicating modes.

- Lead team-members through the various step in of the development process.

- Go through actual resolution of conflicts as a team.

- Furnish applicable performance feedback.


The Effects Leadership has on an Organization


When effective leadership abilities merge with good management abilities, an organization turns into an agent for change, growth, and improvement. A manager or supervisor with leadership capabilities utilizes the innate power of every person within his/her team by being an example for self-management skills and a mentor for individual development and growth. Furthermore, an effective leader assures that every member of the team understands his or her part within the overall organizational objective and embrace accountability for achieving individual results.

Effective leadership is both a trait and a skill, which is, in turn, appreciated and required in successful organizations. Shearin Group Training Services’ tested leadership training programs provide a means for developing these leadership abilities in all levels of your company.

With our assistance, leaders will attain excellent experience in target-setting, time management, decision-making, delegating, team-building, problem-solving, resolving conflicts, leading change, motivating workers, managing stress and improving communication.

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