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Home Remedies for Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease, meaning if a person gets diabetes it cannot be cured. Whatever we eat in form of food or take in form of drinks is converted to glucose by our body and transmitted to blood. Our blood should have regulated glucose levels for normal working of organs.

To regulate this sugar our pancreas produces insulin. Insulin is a hormone that has the work to regulate sugar/glucose in our blood. If our pancreas is working normally we need not worry about our sugar levels of blood, our body regulates it automatically. Meaning we can enjoy 2 scoops of ice-cream without worrying about high blood sugar levels. Or fast for days without worrying about low levels of sugar in blood. But diabetes is a condition in which our body is unable to produce or does not produce this miracle hormone insulin in sufficient quantity. This leads to high or sometimes low levels of sugar in blood. Both high and low levels of sugar in blood are not good for our system. Hence diabetic patient has to regulate this sugar consciously with help of balanced diet, exercise and medicines.

Different types of Diabetes


Type I-Immune system attacks pancreas, which then stops to produce insulin. Around 10% of patients have this type of diabetes mostly seen in children or teenagers.

Type II- Widely occurring, insulin is not produced or is produced in less quantity. Or system becomes resistant to insulin

Gestational Diabetes- During pregnancy and is temporary but patient needs special care.



Repeated visit to the bathroom at night

Numbness and Tingling sensation in limbs specially hands and soles of feet

Sudden Weight Loss

Wounds are not healing or taking longer than usual to heal

Lost interest in sexual life

Lot of cravings and thirsty all the time

Eyesight Problems

Skin infections

Widely agreed reasons of Diabetes

Diabetes is mostly seen as a hereditary disease.

Obesity is also one of the most blamed reason of diabetes

High cholesterol levels


Sedentary Life Style

Hypertension and Stress

Diabetes is also related to age hence people crossing the age of 65 may also have diabetes

Another cause of diabetes mostly agreed these days is unhealthy food high in calories and low in nutrition

Precautions to be taken by Diabetic Patient or Prediabetic

Daily exercising and/or practicing yoga.

Regulating diet

Special care should be given to wounds as they take longer to heal.

There should not be long gaps between meals as this lowers the sugar in blood.

Diabetic Patients should also not take very heavy meals or meals with heavy sugar content as this increases blood sugar level.

Smoking and taking alcohol should be prohibited

Foods to avoid if diabetic

Animal Products: Red Meat and Eggs should be avoided. Dairy Products if consumed should be fat-free.

High Glycemic Foods: These foods increase blood sugar rapidly. It includes all-purpose flour (maida), white rice, white bread, sugar potatoes etc.

Vegetable Oils: Fried Food and food containing hydrogenated oil should be consumed in moderation.

Sugar & Sugar Products: Corn Syrup, Tomato Sauces, Sweets, Ice-Cream etc

High Sugar Fruits like Banana, Chikoo, Dates, Grapes, Watermelon and Oranges. Fruit Juices should not be consumed as juices have no fibre. Canned fruits should also be avoided.

Myths about Diabetes

Biggest myth about diabetes is that it is caused by consuming sugar or products containing sugar. Another myth about diabetes is that one should not consume sugar at all after having diabetes. Diabetes is a condition in which one needs to regulate sugar levels in blood consciously. As insulin is not produced or is produced in less quantity. Liability of regulating sugar comes upon the patient itself. This can be done by simply making few lifestyle changes.

Type 1 diabetes is more dangerous than Type 2 diabetes. Ignoring type 2 diabetes can be very serious leading to kidney failure, blindness, strokes and heart failure.

Another Myth about Diabetes is that it can only be controlled by taking insulin but there are various other ways to regulate sugar.

Ayurveda and Diabetes

Various ayurvedic herbs and supplements have also proven to be very effective to regulate sugar in blood. These herbs, supplements and medicines help to regulate craving which diabetic patients often face. Ayurveda also alleviates harmful effect of high sugar in blood done to various vital organs like heart, liver, kidneys, eyes, ears, skin etc.

These supplements have a holistic effect on health with no harmful or side effects are they are natural with no harmful chemicals. These supplements show positive results after consistent use. Regular use of supplements have shown proven results. All these natural supplements can be taken directly or can also be obtained in from of capsules or powder.

Diabetes Ayurvedic Supplements/ Diabetes natural supplements

Diabetes Care Pack

KARELA CAP - Bitter melon is one of the natural source of phosphorus, calcium and iron. It has antibiotic effect. It is great for clearing the liver, spleen and intestines. Kerela also regulates digestion. It is also effect in skin infections and non healing wounds.

FENUGREEK CAP โ€“ Methi helps to control diabetes. It relieves ulcers and also helpful in gastric problems. Drinking water throughout the day containing fenugreek helps to regulate sugar in blood. Fenugreek is rich in dietary soluble fibre.

DIA BETA PLUS โ€“ Again it is wonderful combination of blood sugar managing herbs successfully. Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Gurmar etc are packed here. Regular use is recommended for better control.

MADHUMEHANTAK CHURNA โ€“ Saptarangi, Vijaysaar, Bilpatra, Neem, Daaruhaldi etc are herbs which together make or formulate this amazing herbal powder. In early stages, only this churna is sufficient.

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