Causes of itchy scalp and treatment

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Dry scalp itchy and infected more than a nuisance problems and embarrassment hair in women, know in these lines at the causes of itching and how to treat and dispose of them as experts explain skin care and scalp. The crust The crust is the most likely reason for the occurrence of itchy hair. Says Professor of Dermatology, Faculty of Medicine of Southern California and the author (feed your skin).

"occur crust because of the proliferation of yeast fungus (yeast) scalp, which is a type of fungi that live naturally in the scalp and areas hairy body ear and beards Men and feed on the oils secreted by the skin and scalp, but with changes in body chemistry, may multiply these fungi are excessive and feed on dead skin cells and oils, causing scaly head and itching." Treatment: Control dandruff, you have to minimize these fungi carefully without causing further injury to the scalp irritation and inflammation. How To Cellulite
For light situations, experts advise using the kinds of shampoos containing zinc "zinc" and "selenium" or tea tree oil "tea tree oil" All of these materials help eliminate yeast fungi. If you are not infected but itchy scalp filled with crusted, it is best to use shampoos that contain salicylic acid "salicylic acid" to reduce the rate of accumulation of dead cells. But in severe cases that do not respond easily to treatment, you can resort to anti-fungal shampoos or cortisone foam, and in special cases and critical, you can eat cereal anti-fungal yeast. The chemical processes Other reasons leading to dandruff, hair frequently subjected to chemical treatments such as dye and the individual and keratin, Such operations lose scalp natural oils and lead to the formation of crust and then the itching. Try to reduce your visit to hairdressing salons as much as possible and to provide refreshments needed by the hair before and after each operation.

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