Causes of fibroids - Relationship with the pregnancy, fibroids

by Chase Jones Health care
If you have any difficulties, the concept is perhaps one reason that you have fibroids in the uterus. So, before discussing what is the relationship they have fibroids, with the possibility of becoming pregnant, you need to get to know: What are fibroids, what are the symptoms of fibroids? and treatments to reduce it.

What are fibroids?

Uterine Fibroid Embolization lumps are formed in the walls of the uterus, which can form as small as the seed or pea or as large as a melon orange or small. Although fibroids are called "tumors", remember they are not cancerous, but the mass of smooth muscle.

Symptoms of fibroids

Often fibroids have no symptoms or pain, but the most common symptoms are:

  1.      Problems with urination
  2.      abnormal menstrual cycle
  3.      Back pain
  4.      Leg pain
  5.      Pain in the pelvic region
  6.      Inability to conceive,
  7.      The expansion of the size
  8.      other

Fibroids and pregnancy

One consequence of complications of pregnancy, fibroids, they make it difficult to become pregnant. Sometimes they can also cause problems during pregnancy or birth. There is also the risk of premature birth or miscarriage.

Treatment of fibroids

Most women with fibroids who are diagnosed are medical treatments to reduce or mask the symptoms, but offered only temporary. Because if you stop taking these drugs, fibroids begin to grow again, and symptoms in a few days back.

Unfortunately, side effects of these drugs (mainly synthetic testosterone) stay in your body forever and are as follows:

  •       Because the growth of facial hair in women
  •       Cause of acne of the face and body
  •       For the hair increased in women
  •       Lower your voice

There is an alternative for women who are concerned about the side effects of medications used to treat fibroids. I recommend the following book: "Healing Fibroids" by Dr. Alicia Villagra

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