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There are things in the world that need us to know and understand from many different and complicated things. When working with people for example fast reactions, wonderful sense of the person in front are needed. We need to understand that most of the people react spontaneously and our first approach to them, our first step is crucial. That no second chance thing is why so many people talk about the difficulty of working with people.

However, in some other areas like the carpet cleaning, there are certain rules which if followed strictly the bad results are simply impossible to happen.

1. Working fast means working qualitatively. The shorter the period of time between a spillage and the cleaning the better. This of course is not some sort of myth but a scientific fact. The faster the cleaning the less time the liquid has to reach deep into the fibres and therefore the cleaning is better. Dealing straight away with the spillage can be done even with a sheet of kitchen paper placed on the liquid. The only important rule here is not to rub. This will allow the liquid to reach deep.

2. Vacuum first

Even though it is simple as it sounds, some people do not do it so, always vacuum clean before washing. This will prevent the washing machine from clogging up.

3. Proper cleaners

Many people will recommend different solutions. Do not experiment with that, it is not a good idea. Read the label on the carpet, make even a small research in order to find out about the proper way for cleaning.

Tip: if you have different solutions but you do not know about the proper usage of them, see what material was used for the making of the carpet. A good way of doing so is to cut a small piece of the carpet and burn it. This is what even professional cleaners like do. If the flame is blue or in other way artificially looking - the carpet is synthetic, if it has a normal look - it is wool carpet.

4. Always test

An old saying reminds us always to measure three times and only then to cut. That holds true for the carpet cleaning too. It is always a good idea to test the cleaning solutions before pouring them on the carpet. If the colors or the material stays untouched, the solution is right and the cleaning can continue.

5. Pre-treating

A way to be sure in the positive final result is to apply a solution and to let the material soak well before the actual cleaning.

6. The carpet cleaning should start furthest from the door and move outwards. If you are about to clean a stain always clean from the outside of the stain to the inside. This will prevent spreading the spill.

7. Oversoaking

A common problem that many non-professionals do. In order to have the carpet well cleaned, we apply a lot of water believing that this will imp[rove the results. However, if the solution and the method are not correct the cleaner carpet will stay nothing but a dream while the chance for mould to appear is more than real. Over soaked carpet can be fixed with an air mover which can be hired from any professional cleaning company.

8. The stairs, the upholstery and the corners need a lot of attention. When cleaning, never forget these places.

9. Rinse well. If you have a carpet cleaning machine. The less cleaning solution is left on the carpet the cleaner it will be for longer.

Following these cleaning tips you can be sure in the positive results and the cleanness of your carpet. It is very easy and money well spent.

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