Business exhibition stall designs: Exhibition Display Ideas vs Exhibition Ideas

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When thinking ofbusiness exhibition stall designs, companies tend to focus on showcasing their products or services in the best possible manner. They think of optimally utilizing the space available. They think of creative display ideas and of innovative banner and panel deigns. All their effort is invested in re-designing the same stalls or booths year after year, to showcase the same old product or service in a new and more appealing way.

Product Showcase vs User Experience

Professional Exhibition Stand Design Companies will tell you that merely showcasing your products and services is not sufficient. To effectively utilize the space available to your company at an exhibition or trade fair, you should be focusing in providing the visitors with an experience, rather than a product/service showcase.

Exhibition Engagement vs Digital Engagement

If the visitors or potential customers want to see your products or know more about your services, they can visit your website. The internet is a better and more cost effective platform for educating your target audience about your products or services. Whereas, expert Exhibition Stand Design Companies advise that an exhibition or trade fair should be viewed as a platform to engage your target audience in a way that you cannot do online.

Besides, nobody likes to be sold to. If your target audience already has the intension to buy, they can visit your physical store or your ecommerce portal or simply browse through a catalogue to discover the details of your products or services.

Exhibition Stand Design Companies know that the people visiting an exhibition or trade fair are looking for something different and that these visitors can be converted to customers by providing them an experience that’s unique and memorable. Your business exhibition stall design should engage the potential customer in such a way that he goes home and looks for your company online and explores your products or services. Here, the online space, is where he can be convinced to purchase and your product or service. And he will be motivated to repeat purchase if your product or service lives up to its promise.

Exhibition Display Ideas vs Exhibition Ideas

Business exhibition stall designs should focus on allowing for maximum interaction or involvement of the visitors. Hence, seasoned Exhibition Stand Design Companies come up with out-of-the-box exhibition ideas, rather than mere exhibition display ideas. They devise strategies to innovatively engage the target audience that visits your stall or booth, through experiences, rather than fancy displays.

Exhibition Stand Design Companies, today, are much more than just exhibition booth builders. They can be commissioned to conceptualize exhibition ideas that intelligently involve your target audience by providing a unique an interesting experience, based on your product or service. According to the experience to be provided, they work on a custom booth design that will allow your team to deliver this experience in the most effective manner.

Old Ways vs New Thinking

To give an example of out-of-the-box exhibition ideas, let us consider a company that sells stereo systems. The traditional way of promoting its products at an exhibition would be to display its range of stereo systems in an attractive manner. The current tend demands a shift to a new way of thinking that involves thinking of the stereo company as a company that sells a good listening experience, not just stereo systems. In such case, the business exhibition stall design would revolve around providing a good listening experience to the visitors, rather than just showing them the different stereo systems.

This approach can be followed for all kinds of products and services. Something as technical as a Food Packaging Machine can be thought of as ingenious equipment that preserves the goodness of packaged food. The exhibition stall or booth can be designed around providing visitors the unique experience of opening food packets to smell and taste the contents and judge the freshness to decide for themselves, whether the Food Packaging Machine has done its job in preserving the freshness of the packaged food.

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