Body Odor - Causes And Home Remedies

by Dr Easton Patrick
Body odor is the outcome of naturally occurring bacteria acting upon skin secretions like sweat etc. Sweat is a mixture of water and salts eliminated by skin pores. When the body gets heated up extremely, sweat oozes out of skin pores to regulate the heat and bring about a cooling effect. Hot weather, physical exertion and fever may cause the body to get over-heated, resulting in profuse perspiration and sweating. If not cleaned thoroughly, bacteria thrives on the sweat, breaks it down to a sticky substance that traps dirt, thereby giving out a foul smell.

Sweat glands are concentrated in the armpit, groin, palms of hand, soles of feet and forehead and these are the most odorous zones of our body. It is a cause of embarrassment for many and quite annoying for people around. Deodorants and perfumes can only temporarily suppress body odor but cannot give permanent relief. The factors causing body odor may be listed as follows:

1. Uncommon genetic conditions
2. Skin problems like eczema, allergy, psoriasis, fungal skin infection etc.
3. Tight fitting clothes and shoes
4. Warm, sultry weather
5. Bad food habit
6. Obesity
7. Emotional stresses
8. Poor hygiene like not cleaning up or taking bath properly, using unclean garments etc.

Home Remedies for Body Odor

1. One may boil mint leaves and use the water in bath water. Also some of the water in which the mint leaves have been boiled may be used for dousing armpits and the hinge between thighs. This checks body odor.

2. It may be avoided by adding a cup of vinegar and a cup of camphor oil to bath water.

3. Baking soda, used as body talc, prevents odor.

4. One may add a teaspoon of alum to bath water and feel fresh all day long.

5. After taking bath, one may use tepid water mixed with 1 tablespoon honey for the final rinse. This helps to control odor.

6. Few drops of tea-tree oil added to one ounce of water may be used as a body spray. It helps to fight odor effectively.

7. Application of a mixture of 10 drops of essential oils like lavender/eucalyptus/basil and 30ml water on sweat prone zones of the body, keeps body odor in check.

8. Application of turnip juice on armpits, groins gives relief from odor.

9. Adding few drops of rose water to bath water prevents odor and imparts long-lasting freshness.

10. A body spray made by mixing one-fourth teaspoon glycerin and juice of 2 dozen radishes is a perfect home remedy for body odor.

11. Dabbing underarms with cotton balls soaked in white vinegar after bathing helps to fight body odor.

12. Using pure apple cider vinegar for the final rinse while bathing gives relief from this problem.

13. Drinking a glass of water with 500 mg wheat grass in empty stomach helps to get rid of odor.

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