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The circumstances which relate to travelling, are considered from the position of the luminaries in respect to the angles; but chiefly from those of the Moon. For if she be found in the seventh house, and declining from angles,    she denotes a continual disposition for travelling, and perpetual change of place, to the native. Mars himself being occidental, or declining from the mid heaven, and having an opposite or quartile position to the luminaries, will produce the same inclination in a somewhat less degree. But if the part of the life and actions of the native will be spent in a foreign country.

Whenever the benevolent planets irradiate the above-mentioned places of the luminaries, of Mars, or the part of fortune, or succeed to them, the native’s travelling will be glorious and profitable; and his return safe, and without impediment. But if the malevolent stars behold or succeed, the contrary effects will be found to happen. In all these cases, however, the quality and temperament of the lesser familiarities, as they add to, or take from the power and force of their configuration, must be invariably attended to. If the luminaries incline or fall to the oriental quadrants, the travelling will be towards the eastern or southern parts of the globe, considered in respect to the place of birth; but if they are found in the occidental quadrants, the peregrination will be towards the north or west. If the signs in which the significators of travelling are posited, be of one form, either in respect of themselves, or of the stars which have the lordship over them, the travelling will be far, but at intervals; but if the signs are double-bodied, or of two forms, it will be perpetual, and of vast extent. It must however be here observed, that though the cause and success of travelling, are influenced by Mars and the part of fortune, yet the quarter towards which the peregrination shall be, are only to be know from the position of the luminaries.

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