Benefits of Having Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea?

by Ranjeeta Mundhra Senior Export Executive
Green tea is an ancient culture that has percolated to the recent times due to its sudden discovery of highly beneficial properties. Because of being rich in antioxidants such as catechin polyphenols, green tea is now increasingly being advised as a healthy alternative to all other kinds of beverages. What’s more, the traditional green tea is now available in a variety of forms like tea leaves, tea extract, tea dust and pills and flavors as well. The honey lemon ginseng variant was one of the beneficial ones.

Doctors today recommend green tea as a must for staying active and keeping health problems at bay. Such is the benefit of this tea. Making green tea a part of an everyday routine can help individuals combat various diseases arising out of low immunity and even keep some of the major diseases away.

It’s great for a healthy system and great skin and hair because it helps flush out toxins from the body and eradicate bowel problems. It even helps alleviate the mind and helps relax and de-stress. For the weight conscious, having green tea regularly can help increase metabolic rate and reduce the flab!

While green tea is best had in its natural form, manufacturers have now made available a number of variants with added nutritious ingredients. Of them, there are few which have proven to provide great health benefits aside those attributed by green tea itself. One of them is the Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea.

The name itself mentions the ingredients and this combination has some of the most powerful benefits to offer. Let’s look at the individual ingredients and their benefits to know how good this green tea variant can be for one’s health.

Want great shape? Replace your sugar container with a bottle of honey. Honey is yet another ancient medicine. When taken with green tea, honey can provide some fantastic health benefits. While it can treat the common cough and cold in a jiffy, it can be surprisingly wonderful for a weight loss regime. Honey can also help prevent certain types of cancer such as colon, prostrate and skin cancer due to the presence of antioxidants named polyphenol in it.

Lemon: The advantages of lemon are innumerous, the most significant being its cleansing properties. It’s a rich source of vitamin C, a necessity for strong teeth and bones. Having lemon in warm water or with tea is extremely beneficial for keeping the digestive system clean of toxins therefore ensuring an active mind and body for the whole day. Additionally, lemon helps burn body fat and keeps laziness at bay.

Used as an ancient all-purpose medicine since ancient times, ginseng is known to have powerful medicinal properties due to the presence of ginsenocides in its roots. It helps suppress appetite and subsequent cravings for food therefore aiding in weight management. It’s a natural coolant for the body and also helps in easing menstrual cramps. Additionally, it enhances concentration and helps keep the body and mind active throughout the day.

Having mentioned the benefits of green tea above already one can now determine how good this combination can be for health.

Caution: However, there are a few precautions to be taken when using this variant. People suffering from endometriosis, breast cancer, uterine fibroids, high blood glucose, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers and children should not consume ginseng. Owing to estrogen content, ginseng may also react with medications such as aspirin and diuretics and those under medications to increase mental alertness.

Would you like to try this variant of green tea or do you consider green tea to be best in its purest form? Share your thoughts and opinions with us below. For more information on the different green tea variants available with us at Madhu Jayanti International Limited.

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