Baby Neck Rash

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Rashes on a baby's neck can be very disconcerting for new parents. How did your baby's neck get a rash? You've bathed her carefully, dressed her in soft outfits, and kept her away from anyone who was sick. Should you be worried about that red patch on her neck? Skin rashes are common on young babies. They can get little white bumps that look like pimples, a rash that looks like hives, or yellow skin from jaundice. In most cases, these things are normal and get better on their own. The same is true of most baby neck skin rashes.

Identifying a Neck Rash

Look to see if the rash is only on baby's neck, or if appears in other places on his body. Some rashes are more common in skin folds, so a neck rash might also appear in the diaper area or the armpits. Some rashes affect the entire body, but you might notice them first on the neck.

Common causes of rashes or discolorations on a baby's neck include skin irritation, stork bites, and prickly heat.

Skin Irritation
Babies don't have very long necks. In fact, the chubby skin folds under a baby's chin are part of what makes her so cute! Those skin folds, however, can also encourage the formation of a rash. Since the baby can't hold her head up yet, the skin constantly rubs against itself. This can cause skin irritation and breakdown, leading to a rash.This sort of rash will often clear up on its own, as the baby learns to hold her head up and the rubbing lessens. Avoid using soap on the affected area and try to keep the skin dry.

Occasionally, a baby will develop a fungal infection in the skin folds. A type of fungus called candida, commonly called "yeast," causes some forms of diaper rash because it likes to live in warm, moist places. A young baby's neck folds can also be a good environment for candida.

If the baby's neck rash is not improving with simple measures like keeping the skin dry, or if it seems to be spreading, check with your doctor to be sure it is not a candida infection. If it is, your doctor will prescribe a simple cream to kill the yeast.

Stork Bites
"Stork bite" is the common name for a type of birthmark which can appear on the back of a newborn baby's neck. A stork bite isn't actually a rash. It's a flat, pinkish spot on otherwise normal-looking skin, and it doesn't itch or hurt. It's caused by a collection of blood vessels, possibly related to natural hormones from the mother. Stork bites usually fade on their own within a few months. Occasionally they will last longer, or even remain permanently.

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