Ayurvedic Medicine For Memory

by Chris Clark Ramdev Medicine
The most agonizing experience is to forget things. People, addresses, things, incidents, dates, memories or events, our lives revolve around these and it is mentally exhausting to forget these important things in life. The most shocking accounts of memory loss have been gathered from people who are suffering from Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or Dementia. They forget ways, they forget their loved ones and sometimes they even forget to go to the bathroom to urinate, because they somehow end up forgetting everything!

Cell degeneration and brain aging causes loss of memory. Increasing age may cause memory problems and neurological disorders. Memory may also flail because of other medical related problems like depression, autism, weak concentration of ADHD disorder. Brain, as years creep up, starts to age and cells starts to degenerate.

This cell degeneration and lack of proper blood flow to the brain leads to loss of memory and when the brain does not get the oxygen it becomes sluggish. The lack of proper blood maybe a result of a trauma or injury to the brain or it may be because of a neurological disorder.  The brain needs to perform perfectly but a lapse settles. Proper treatment is a must to increase intelligence and improve the concentration.

There are plenty of self-claiming medicines available which promise a turnaround for lost memory, but these chemical medicines leave behind side effects, that maybe detrimental for the body. You need to march the natural path and take remedies that are natural in origin. You need to pick medicines that are purely natural and herbal and obtained directly from nature. These remedies are free from side effects and also help in boost up the sagging concentration. While you grab the natural herbs you also need to take in a diet that is well balanced and full of nutrition.

Ayurvedic remedies have shown an amazing result in improving concentration and memory, because it is side effect free, but many feel it is the right path to tread. There are brain nourishing ingredients in nature and one of them is Brahmi which improves memory and concentration, these kinds of foods must be a part of your daily diet. A bad diet lacking in proper vitamins is one of the main reasons of memory lapses, and one needs to follow a healthy way of living to improve concentration. Proper rest and ideal hours to sleep also help the brain stay charged and ticking.

The inflow of technological gadgets also strains the brain beyond proportion, and devices like the Smartphone, snappy video games, computers etc makes the mind dull and sluggish. It forces the person to stay indoors where there is a limited amount of oxygen whereas the people need to be rushing outdoors to breathe in the fresh air.

Baba Ramdev has come out with herbal combinations called the Divya Medha Vati that has shown to improve intelligence levels in people. The remedy is purely natural and is made of carefully selected herbs that have shown to have a positive effect on the memory. This increases the blood supply to the brain and also supplements nutrition. The Divya Medha Vati oversees all nutritional deficiencies and helps in taking care of the neurological disorders. This is safe for any age and sex; you can even give it to your child during exams to improve memory problems.

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