Ayurvedic Medicine For Jaundice

by Chris Clark Ramdev Medicine
Yellowish pallor and a pale complexion with a yellow tinge is a reason for concern. It may be jaundice! Generally the whitish area in the eye also tends to become yellow and the body’s immunity falls to an all time low. The bilirubin level rises to concerning levels and the skin becomes pasty, dry and yellow.The patient can get exposed to other diseases and the threat of sluggishness and laziness looms over.

The liver generally works to get the bilirubin out of the blood and in case the liver does not perform to the optimum and starts to malfunction, it leads to the evidence of jaundice. The skin pallor changes, even the nails, eyes, stool, urine, tongue start to get discolored. Untreated liver condition results in fatty tissue deposits and it is imperative that the liver disorder is treated when it is in the first stage. Jaundice is a grave health hazard and the patient’s liver gets compromised and performs sluggishly.

Jaundice can be of many different kinds such as obstructive jaundice, Hepatocellular jaundice, and Haemolytic jaundice. Hepatocellular jaundice of the liver is caused another disease. The liver gets affected because of the other illness and starts to perform sluggishly. In obstructive jaundice, there is an obstruction in the liver and the bile juice is unable to travel to the gall bladder .In Haemolytic jaundice the patient’s RBC’s speedily start to break and the skin starts to become yellow and dull.

 Laboratory tests will show a high level of bilirubin and the digestive system becomes weak. The skin starts to shimmer with a yellow sheen and if left untreated the patient may die. The body becomes very weak and fatigued out. The patient gets breathless and cannot exert. The body feels dry and itchy and makes the patient want to scratch for relief. The stools become very pale and the urine becomes unnaturally dark yellow. The hunger pangs reduce and one hates the sight of food. This lowering of the diet leads to a loss of weight.

Liver is a delicate organ and different kinds of chemicals can create havoc when it is compromised. At this time it is better if the patient relies on natural or herbal remedies to get the liver working perfectly.  Baba Ramdev , the ayurvedic guru, promotes Yoga and the usage of medicines made from herbs. Herbal remedies are free from side effects and this can be very helpful in curing liver disease. Liver function and health can get perked up with the help of natural herbs.

Baba Ramdev has made Patanjali Liv D 38 Vati out of effective herbs that focus on liver detoxification, and these natural products boost the liver cells into healthy action. The liver cells are nourished with the herbs and the cells start to get rejuvenated. In this way the immune system gets back into action and the person starts to travel up the road of health. To improve hepatitis the patient needs to regular consume Divya totala kwath and Divya Sarvkalp Kvath that help in detoxification of liver. Baba Ramdev has developed the Package for Cirrhosis of liver that can be used in liver cirrhosis.

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