Ayurveda and Child immunity - According to ayurveda our body constitutes three doshas vata,pitta a

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Today's tip is about Ayurveda and Child immunity . As we talk about immunity , you should first determine what prakriti your kid has .
According to ayurveda our body constitutes three  doshas  vata,pitta and kapha.
1:- VATAJ CHILD:- This type of kids are always moving,quick learner and prone to anxiety and insomnia.
Such child needs daily oil massage and lot of hugs as sense of touch soothes vata dosha.
Fix routine,regular meals and early bedtime is absolutely essential for vataj child.
Dry cereals, raw vegetables,cold food and drinks should be avoided for such children.

2:-PITTAJ CHILD:-This type of kids have brown hairs and fair skin. These kids have fire in there body which is expressed as anger when stressed and affection when feeling balanced. Pittaj kids should avoid hot and spicy food such as hot pepper and sholud have food such as sweet lassi,sweet juicy food and cooked vegetables. These kids  get anxious  when meals are delayed. They should preferably stay out of sun.
3:- KAPHAJ CHILD:- This type of kids are easier to raise.They sholud be involved  more in sports as kapha need more vigorous exercise. They may be slower to learn in school but have excellent long term memory. They should eat light,warm food like soups and cooked vegetables.
As such all children do not fall so neatly into these three categories. A child might be vata-pitta,Pitta-kapha,or vata-kapha or might be combination of all of three.
After knowing Child's prakriti let's talk about there immunity. There are many herbal formulation mentioned in Kumarabrithya , a well-known ayurvedic pediatric text to improve immunity of child.
Some of them are:- 
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