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by Juyee N. Administration Professional – Education/ Print Med




“As long as we engender a society that allow law enforces to get away with their own crimes, law breakers will be emboldened”


It is not just another article on Women issue, not a plea for pity and sympathy, not a blog just for ‘like’ and ‘share’ but a question to the society and first ourselves –“How can I help /save myself?”

Many accidents and incidents are taking place every day, every minute, everywhere abandoning us unanswered and shocked! We are setting Forums, giving our bold and free views concluding and proving the criminals ‘masterminded’ and ‘negatively geniuses’! Believe it or not, they are getting negative publicity! We are behaving like helpless creatures, appealing for justice, pleading for punishment, using ‘black spot’ as our profile image. Is that enough?

Aren’t we going back to the ‘primitive age’ where Man knew no bounding, where we were ‘animals’? Is it the side effect of ‘Modernization’?

Can anyone come up with an idea which can reduce the violence and various crimes against women and humanity? We call us the brilliant breed with abundance of knowledge and ‘Maestro’ in Technology! Can anyone come up with a ‘Chip’ or ‘Application’ which can detect the criminals in advance? Which can notify and alert the vigilance department before the crime? If not then do we deserve to call us developed and a modern? Where we cannot sustain and protect our pride and dignity!

Lets appeal ‘Google’ and ‘Microsoft’ for it or ask our scientists and Engineers to invent and built ‘radars’ which can detect ‘mental wavelength’ of the criminals, like we have ‘Lie detectors’. It will be a revolutionary invention to make the world free from crimes and wrong doers!

Share and pass this till it reaches to the destination and let us wait for the result.         


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Nnamdi A. Magnate III   Internet Marketer
Help spread this message; no more violence in the world starting from your own families.
Jan 9th 2013 13:46   
Juyee N. Senior  Administration Professional – Education/ Print Med
Thanks Nnamdi Agha for joining me.Need more support form all and form the world...keep sharing and spreading!
Jan 9th 2013 14:16   
Jeewan Kumar Committed  Journalist, online editor
You have choose a very good topic, now the time has come to awaken the people. very good Juyee.
Jan 9th 2013 14:35   
Vikram R. Advanced  Web designer, Internet Marketer
The glaring disparity between the rich and the poor, modern and conservative, educated and illiterate is all the contributing factor for such a behavior and injustice in our modern society. A person should be educated from childhood about the equal rights of male & female in the society. Combined effort of law makers, law enforcer, and our self discipline can only eradicate this problem from the face of the society.
Jan 9th 2013 19:05   
Juyee N. Senior  Administration Professional – Education/ Print Med
Well said Vikram ! Thanks Jeewan and Vikram for sharing...Awakening is on!
Jan 9th 2013 20:02   
faii acy Magnate II   GPT Site Owner/Operator
I don't think we're going back to a primitive age. Sadly I don't think we ever left it. Violence against woman and others has existed since time began. What we have today is a heightened awareness and reporting of the incidents such as the one I believe you're referring to. 30 years ago no one would have known, but now it's worldwide knowledge.

Does that mean it will change? Nope. We look and read and some of us even remember. But do we take action? Again, that's a big nope. We watch from the sidelines and publicly deplore the abuse, but beyond that we do nothing.

Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, they have the resources and the ability to do basically what they want. But these are corporations for whom money must always be the prime consideration. The Mental Wavelength detectors you suggest may already exist, but they will be used by financial and military rather than to improve the lot of those segments of society who most need them.
Jan 10th 2013 00:18   
Juyee N. Senior  Administration Professional – Education/ Print Med
Faii acy, I know that the Defence forces are using such devices but their territory is not vast and this only inspired me to have such things on commercial basis.
I agree to that ,due to Media and general awareness we now can count the cases and reacting.
It might not change but can be averted if such instruments play commercially as those are hardly being used with them.As I know personally that the young recruits hardly practice and they get wasted. (correct me if I am wrong)

Now the money makers like Google and Microsoft can awaken the higher authority either by campaigning or Faii acy can do.Thanks.:-)
Jan 10th 2013 00:32   
faii acy Magnate II   GPT Site Owner/Operator
Neither Microsoft or (especially) Google will pay any attention to what I or what you will say. They are no friends of mine, or of yours.

I hope that the explosion of knowledge will change things, but I am old and jaded. Sometimes too much information is as bad as not enough. As a FB post I saw this morning stated, What is the most important and miraculous thing we could show a visitor from the 1950's? We have this device in our pocket that holds all the information in the known world. We use it to post pictures of cats and fight with people we have never met
Jan 10th 2013 00:46   
Juyee N. Senior  Administration Professional – Education/ Print Med
Wow! Faii acy, this is it! Highly appreciated comment! Thanks!
Jan 10th 2013 01:06   
Mike G. Professional   Marketer
Fascinating article you should open your mouth more...more than this one article but many until everyone has an open opinion about this subject. If for some reason you can't then share with me or anyone who can help put a end to this madness!
Jun 25th 2013 14:34   
Juyee N. Senior  Administration Professional – Education/ Print Med
Thanks Mike!...................................
Jul 7th 2013 01:41   
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