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Colleges and universities in Australia include several assignment writing tasks in each coursework. So students, pursuing academic degrees in Perth, need to pay attention to their academic writing skills. Without proper knowledge and abilities, it is difficult to craft an assignment by following all academic guidelines. Students need to know all tips and tricks that ease the process of composing an assignment on given subject. This guide contains all tips and tricks that students desire to know. With the help of assignment writing guide, students comprehend all latest version of all university regulations followed in different colleges and universities in Perth.

Note: This guide is divided into three segments that describe all assignment writing essentials for students.


Researching assignments, particularly in first and second year in college is one of the dreaded things that students need to deal with. But this overwhelming task can easily be accomplished with the help of the following steps,

  • Write down a thesis statement and formulate a research hypothesis
  • Determine the possible sources that can be used in assignment 
  • Revaluate the research question in the context of the sources available and the requirements of he assignment
  • Plan the research like how much time it should take, what note taking method you should use
  • Note down useful notes and keep track of sources
  • Critically evaluate the sources in order to understand whether the gathered information is relevant to the topic
  • Take notes of the sources that students plan to use in writing

These steps lead students conducting in-depth research within given time limit. As a result, students get hold of required data and information with ease. If students still need a helping hand, they can avail assignment writing assistance from experts in Perth.


An academic assignment should be properly structured and divided into several paragraphs/sections. Writing an assignment starts with defining the topic, followed by elaborating the main points in assignment writing and drawing the conclusion by summarizing all main points.

Defining the topic:

An assignment should have a head, body and tail. In the introduction part, students define the topic for readers’ understanding and cover all areas that they have discussed in the main body of the paper. The introductory paragraph should start with an interesting sentence that is called ‘hook’. Later, students explain the significance of the topic and conclude the paragraph by stating own opinion about the topic, that is called ‘thesis statement’.

Elaborating the points:

After introducing the ideas, students need to expound on it. Each paragraph should carry single idea and concept for clear readers’ understanding. Paragraphs mainly start with a topic sentence followed by evidence and examples against the claims, the explanation of significance of evidence and examples in this context and concluding or transition sentence. It makes an ideal paragraph.

Concluding the assignment:

After explaining the main ideas in paper, students need to draw the conclusion. A assignment conclusion mainly comprises a summary of main ideas, thesis statement in other words and scope of research in the subject. Students can end the assignment by stating their own opinion about the subject.


After writing the assignment, students revise the content in order to eradicate any chance of mistakes and errors in the copy. Revising takes practice. Many students spend last hour in revising the assignment, but they end up submitting an assignment full of errors and mistakes. One of the main reason is, they don’t do it properly. Here are a few revision strategies that every student should use,

Take one aspect at a time:

While revising the paper, do not check the paper for spelling and structure simultaneously. Focus on one aspect.

Read the paper aloud:

Read the paper slowly and loudly to identify the mistakes and errors.

Cover the text with a blank paper:

Lower down the paper as you read one line after another.

This is how an assignment should be approached. If students follow these suggestions, they will be able to craft an academic paper that satisfies the academic requirements properly.


This article gives away a set of suggestions for researching, writing and revising an academic paper on any given topic. Students can improve their skills by reading these tips and tricks.

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She helps students in writing assignments on different topics. Students can refer to the assignment writing guide displayed on official website for getting advanced guidelines for writing an assignment.

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