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Noel Ryan, president, Danfoss business Compressors, on rising trade trends, his company’s HVAC solutions and additional
Interviewed by SHAFQUAT ALI
Where will Danfoss position itself within the business compressors house in India?
In the business air-conditioning house, we've got compressors across every kind of air-conditioning units, from cooling capacities of 5 power unit up to thousands. The dominant technologies in business air-conditioning compressors area unit scroll, screw and turbo (also referred to as centrifugal) – and Danfoss has 2 of those. Scroll is that the trend to induce larger in size competitor against the screw. In turbo, the trend is to induce smaller in size competitor against the screw. In general, all of them have a foothold within the market.

What factors area unit driving changes within the market?

The changes within the market area unit driven primarily by 2 things, one is that the energy efficiencies. that the totally different regions round the world – Asia, India, Europe, USA – area unit all driving energy efficiency requiring ever-lower energy consumption from the units. So there is continuous amendment within the style and technology within the mechanical device world.
The other key driver is that the refrigerant. Europe is, on the one hand, leading with the F-gas regulation, that is primarily pushing for natural refrigerants or terribly low warming Potential(GWP) refrigerants. abundant of the remainder of the globe follows the eu trend.
Lately, we're seeing different players area unit having Associate in Nursing influence on the refrigerant world, like China and Japan, that has are available in with refrigerants like R-32, additionally an occasional GWP refrigerant. thus those area unit the trends we have seen over the past number of years and can still drive the trade over future few years.

Are we tend to doubtless to examine the entry of latest refrigerants?

It's clear that refrigerants like hydrocarbons area unit coming back. we've got Associate in Nursing providing for that in Danfoss. We are able to additionally see different natural refrigerants like CO2 coming back, and it is not a trend any longer, it is a reality. CO2 is primarily planning to be in low- and medium-temp refrigeration.
In addition, we tend to expect to examine some artificial refrigerants with low GWP. There are some problems with flammability and toxicity however there are a unit solutions on the horizon. we tend to area unit planning to see lots of amendment within the next ten years. Already this year, tax incentives and laws have started driving the amendment. we tend to are qualifying our merchandise for those refrigerants, thus we’ll be ready to contend.

So wherever specifically will Republic of India work into your theme of things?

India is moving at a distinct speed than a number of the opposite regions. It’s still primarily victimisation R-22 within the air-con, however we tend to do see new refrigerants being introduced like R-32, 410A. so that they area unit moving with the worldwide trend within the refrigerant sector. Europe may be a trendsetter, followed by China and Japan. watching Republic of India as a market, we've got affected a number of our R&D here with the new field in Madras.

What is happening on the Ramped front in India?

Danfoss has four Ramped groups that they need to make up in Republic of India. One for electronic components; one for the commercial valves like ammonia valves for large refrigeration systems. The opposite one is for the variable speed drives, wherever they need been build up for the big capability drives. For our reciprocator compressors, we've got our entire team here in India; they in the main target engineering work for the reciprocator compressors however they're additionally watching sourcing. thus we tend to do expect to use Republic of India as a crucial sourcing base.

Are there any authentication merchandise within the pipeline for India?

We have a product referred to as a compression unit. It’s mechanical device locked alongside a follower Associate in Nursingd a coil and an electrical box and you plug it into the system for cold rooms. thus we've got created a style in Republic of India for the Indian market. it is a utterly Indian style, however by and huge the parts area unit international. we tend to area unit getting to use that product in Asia and different cost-competitive markets.
We area unit watching new ideas out of Republic of India as a result of the Indian engineers area unit abundant faster in time to plug with comes. There area unit many concepts for innovating, for doing things otherwise, for taking away prices. though it's very early stages, we tend to hope we are able to add k additional Indian brains to the population of Danfoss.
What will the Republic of India operation contribute?
India is presently contribution to Ramped however we tend to hope to feature double-digit proportion of our sourcing within the next 3 years. it's in low single digits nowadays.
What penetration area unit you expecting for business compressors in India?
Ten years past, air-con was a luxury in Republic of India, currently it's all over, within the cities, within the villages. air-con has virtually become customary thus there's an enormous market.

What area unit the challenges, moving forward?

I think the $64000 challenges area unit simply our speed. lots of things area unit happening, lots of laws area unit coming back in, there are a unit lots of investors from the govt and personal sectors. Then there are unit lots of edifice homeowners that perceive that there is cash to be made up of having the right air-conditioning technology in-house.

What, in line with you, area unit Danfoss' USPs?

If we glance at the air-conditioning and refrigeration segments i believe we tend to area unit one in every of the few players that have all the parts, although we do not build all the parts.
Also, across industries, energy savings and preciseness system management area unit the most reasons to use adjustable frequency drives in HVAC systems. At Danfoss, providing automatic energy improvement is our core experience. in conjunction with our drives, the potency of fans or pumps stay high at reduced speeds, therefore resulting in important savings in energy consumption.
So, what is holding you back from turning into Associate in Nursing OEM?
It's simply not our strategy. Within the air-con and refrigeration world the technology is within the parts. With OEMs, they place them along so several of them get in maintenance and that they get in building management. This can be utterly totally different from what we tend to do. Our ambition is to create the very best quality and innovative parts.
We have the compressors, the technologies, the variable speed drive, the variable capability. We’ve got most of the parts, the tiny controls, the enlargement valve, the dryers, facet glasses, filters, we've got the warmth exchangers comprising of the small channel and also the plate device. Which is combined with our ground business department, in virtually each country, UN agency have the applied data. thus offer and apply, that is the mantra.
There are a unit firms manufacturing compressors however with one technology. We do not have competition; we tend to area unit a full-blown player that has compressors with totally different technologies.

What innovations has Danfoss made?

There are a unit 3 areas wherever we've got created innovations or a minimum of were the primary to the market. If you are taking the turbo core mechanical device, that is Associate in nursing conductor magnet bearing, oil free, hair-raiser compressor; thereupon we've got taken a big market share in Europe and America within the high energy potency building. And that we are a unit the sole provider for that capability.
We are the primary to plug for the business size ten to fifteen t variable speed mechanical devices with an infatuated drive. we tend to area unit the sole player nowadays. There are a unit many players with variable speed however solely within the residential.
On the management facet, we've got been the primary mover with the warmth exchangers and also the small channel. Now, even in Republic of India, with the air-conditioning regulation coming back into play we've got to use small channels. that the recent fin and coil that was dominating up till 2 years past goes to get replaced by that technology. there is many concepts within the pipeline.

And yes, there'll be additional innovation coming back attributable to the changes that area unit happening in terms of energy potency or refrigerant.

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