Apollo Seiko Soldering Robot: Protect Your Soldering Tips

by Jenilia Clark Jenilia Clark is an author

Whether you have an Apollo Seiko Soldering Robot, a Japan Unix Soldering Robot or any other one of the best robots for soldering, you must make sure to take several steps to protect your soldering tips. There are many factors that have a telling effect on the life of your soldering iron tips. The tip configuration, temperature of operation, cleaning, maintenance and nature of jobs being done will all play a vital role in determining the life of your soldering iron tips.

Make sure to follow the following steps and make your Apollo Seiko Soldering Robot and Japan Unix Soldering Robot tips last for much longer.

- Each time you begin using your soldering robot, make sure that the right amount of voltage is flowing through the lines. While most soldering robots can take slight variations in voltage, high voltage applied to these tips on a consistent basis will tend to overheat the iron and reduce the life of your tips.

- Make sure that you set the temperature of your soldering iron to the bare minimum amount necessary to melt the solder and facilitate smooth flow. The higher the temperature of your soldering iron tip, the faster the process of oxidation which will eventually lead to a reduction in tip life. For example, if you expose the tip to temperatures of 875 degrees Fahrenheit, it will double the process of oxidation when compared to operating temperatures of 700 degrees Fahrenheit.

- While it is extremely important to keep your soldering iron tip clean at all times, wiping it with a wet sponge too often will lead to a reduction in tip life. Wiping your soldering iron tip causes large fluctuations in tip temperature which leads to unchecked expansion and contraction of the various metal layers of the tip. This constant cycle of expansion and contraction leads to metal fatigue which will ultimately lead the tip to collapse. So, the more often you wipe your soldering iron tip, the more stress it will be put through.

- Again, pushing the soldering iron tip or rubbing it against any joint to forcefully apply heat will also lead to your tip wearing out much faster. You should allow your soldering iron tip to reach the optimum temperature when a mere touch of the tip will be enough to cause the solder to melt. There is no need to apply force at this optimum temperature.

- It is also important to re-tin your soldering iron tip often because the lack of tin content of the solder leads the tip to lose its protective layer. This phenomenon also often leads to destruction of the soldering iron tip.

These tips make it amply clear that whether you use an Apollo Seiko Soldering Robot or a Japan Unix Soldering Robot, it is extremely important to take the right precautionary measures to keep your soldering iron tips in top shape at all times. The process involves maintaining a fine balance and keeping from overdoing any of the maintenance measures.

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