Ankle Splint and Foot Drop Splint Stabilize Ankle Joint

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Tynor Ankle Splint valuable controls the version and inversion activity of the ankle and also grabs the ankle tightly. Thus, do not feel discomfort during walking. With the assistance of this ankle splint, it can easily support the distorted or swollen ankles. It provides comfort to the injured ankle and also decreases the chances of the further sports associated injuries. It is specially designed to support, immobilize and uphold the ankle joint during injury or after operation. Its rigid exoskeleton shell provides protection for the individuals that are prone to injuries.

This ankle support consists of a unique figure of eight gripping which provides strong grip to the ankle and reduces the pressure on the ankle during walking. It has large room for an ankle that can be easily applied to swollen or distorted ankles. It is light in weight and is molded with ethafoam pad which provides proper cushioning to the ankles. It easily fits around the ankle and it is skin friendly that does not cause any rashes.

Tynor Ankle Splint is designed to immobilize, support and stabilize the ankle joint in injury, or offer protection to people prone to ankle injuries. Rigid exoskeleton shell design gives better protection and control of the inversion or aversion of the ankle.

Tynor Ankle Splint
  • Rigid immobilization
  • Foam cushioning
  • One size, that fits all
  • Anatomical
  • Easy to clean.

Ankle Splint Features
Unique figure of eight gripping
  • Effective control on inversion & version movement of ankle
  • Most effective gripping around ankle.
  • Enhances comfort and walking pleasure

Large enough room for ankle
  • Unconventional, swollen or distorted ankles can be accommodated
  • No compression hot spots on the ankle , so enhances comfort to injured ankle
  • Reduces chances of sports related injuries in recurrent ankle problems
  • Quick healing and better recovery of the fully immobilized ankle

Molded Ethafoam Foam Pad
  • Provides optimal compression and pressure
  • Good cushioning , enhances comfort
  • Skin friendly

Ergonomic design
  • Light in weight – enhance compliance
  • Bilateral symmetry – can be used for either ankle
  • Neoprene sleeves – good cushioning ,reduce pressure of gripping straps
  • One size fits all

Molded splint with perfect anatomy
  • Pleasing aesthetics
  • Sleek can be used inside the shoe
  • Effective immobilization.

Tynor Ankle Splint Use & Benefit
  • Has neoprene sleeves that enhances comfort
  • Provides Rigid immobilization
  • Has Foam cushioning
  • One size, that fits all
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Has a unique figure of eight gripping
  • Gives large enough room for ankle
  • Infused with Molded Ethafoam Pad
  • Has molded splint with perfect anatomy
  • Can be useful during Malleolar fractures 
  • Can be used during Post-operative, post-cast rehabilitation
  • Offers protection against chronic or recurrent ankle sprains
  • Increases ankle stability and activity
  • Prevents inversion or aversion injuries
  • Improves endurance
  • Prophylaxis for sporting activity 

Tynor Foot Drop Splint Right-Left is designed for the individuals those are suffering from foot drop due to weakness in the front of the feet. This foot drop splint device made from good quality polypropylene that increases its shelf life. It is infused with Velcro closures plus soft inner pads which provides complete support and does not harm the skin. It has a strong leaf spring action which makes this foot drop splint flexible and easy to wear. It has a thin wall that allows to wear this comfortably inside the shoes. It is made according to the anatomical structure of the foot and leg which easily fits around the area.

This foot drop splint corrects and prevents the further foot drop. It improves the functional alignment of the foot as well as can be useful for the patients that suffer from burns. It can be helpful after operation to support the ankle and foot muscles. It is very simple to apply and remove as well as comfortable to wear. It comes in different sizes that easily fits into the feet.

Tynor Foot Drop Splint Right-Left
  • MRP : Rs 747
  • Our Price :Rs 672
  • Net Price :Rs 659( Apply Coupon Code 'MSW2365' Get 2% Discount )

Tynor Foot Drop Splint Right-Left Applications
  • Prevention and correction of foot drop.
  • Peripheral nerve paralysis.
  • Nerve/Muscle damage.
  • Ankle or Plantar flexion contracture.
  • Functional Alignment of the foot.
  • Post operative care.
  • Burn patients.

Tynor Foot Drop Splint Right-Left Features
  • Effective foot lift.
  • Strong leaf spring action.
  • Customizable.
  • Thin walled, worn in a shoe.

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