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Singapore is known as one of the wine capitals of the world when it comes to the consumption levels of wine. Because of its high consumption level of wine all the major wine producing countries of the world as well as the ones that are emerging find their way into Singapore. Thus, Singapore constantly tops the chart and is well known when it comes to wine. Also when it comes to getting cheap wine Singapore has it all.

There are various types of wine and they can be classified in many different ways. The most common approach to classify wines is by putting them into two main categories that is Red wine and white wine. However there are other categories too in which wines can be divided like rose wines, sparkling wines, dessert wines and fortified wines.

A list of popular dessert wines-
Dessert wines are the ones that are typically sweet in taste. These wines contain high levels of sugar as well as alcohol. But the alcohol is made from sugar for these wines. Here are some of the types of wine that fall under the category of dessert wines.

1. Raisin wine
Raisin wine is also known as straw wine. They are prepared by drying the grapes to obtain their concentrated juice. These typically range from sweet to very sweet white wine.

2. Ice wine
Ice wine is a type of dessert wine that is produced from grapes that have been frozen while they are still hanging on the vine. This type of wine is very rare as it is produced only in the very cold areas and is also a bit expensive.

A list of sparkling wines-
Sparkling wine has significant level of carbon dioxide in it which makes it look fizzy. They are a bit sweet to taste. But the level of sweetness depends on the sugar added and fermentation levels.

1. Champagne
 It is known to be the party wine. It hails from the region in France and is one of the most famous wines. The grapes like Pinot Noir, Pinot Meaner and Chardonnay are used to make these wines. They give a delicious taste to the wine.

2. Shiraz
This one also falls in the category of red cheap wine Singapore, but however, it is more popularly called as Red Sparkling Wine. It comes from Australia and has a sweet taste.

The best part about wine in Singapore is that cheaper wine is not necessarily equal to bad wine. There are several low priced wines available in Singapore that are delicious as well. These wines usually come from countries like Australia and New Zealand. When it comes to cheap wine Singapore brings in a lot to ensure there is enough supply for the youth. The youth love to experiment with all the different types of wines available at lovely quaint little restaurants and also boutique shops. And the best part about wine is that when it is taken in certain quantities, it is actually good for health unlike other alcohols.

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