A Work-A-Holics Double Edged Sword

by Tricia (Patricia) Fahrendorf
I have often in my adult life been told that I am a perfectionist. That dear readers is a bald face lie. I am a work-a-holic, I have to be doing, creating, accomplishing, teaching or else a nasty double edged sword comes out and cuts off the hand that keeps it going.

Melodramatic huh? Oh but so true. I have fought my whole life to hide the truth of who I am and what I am. I come from a dirt farmer who had fate take his life away from him too soon. As a result of losing my father at a very early age, having cousins living on welfare and having babies like summer crops, family members getting too old too soon. I knew that I had to escape.

To escape that lifestyle, I became a consumate learner. I had to be learning the reasons for everything. If I could not find out what made something tick, I would be lost. I learned how to find answers, how to learn by trial and error. I got very good at knowing the right questions to ask. I have never told anyone that I had all the answers. I have however told people that if I don't know the answers, I will find the people who can help me get the answers.

In that regard, APSense has been a wonderful tool to find. I have found people who are generous and will help me to become the Business Professional that I want to be. In this regard, I am the most fortunate student. I have met Paula Van Dun, she is a joy to talk to and she has very good information in her articles to help anyone. There is Sean North, a very generous gentleman who is always willing to help as long as the request is an earnest one. Philippe Moisan is another professional whom it is my pleasure to be friends with here on APSense. Mohann dear friend, I am not sure what exactly happened but I do need you to know that you are missed greatly.

It is thanks to the people that I have mentioned that I have the confidence to be as outspoken as I am on APSense. They did not know that they were helping a drowning woman when they befriended me but they indeed saved my life. My business life and more.

I recently told someone that being a work-a-holic was a double edged sword for me. I work day and night to accomplish the goals that I set for myself. I have to be working, I have to have proof that I am making life better. I do this to hold the fear at bay that I might not be able to work, that I might not have what it takes. I have always done my job to the best of my ability, because I look at every job as a test. I give myself the passing grade or not. I like those passing grades.

So when you meet me in APSense or on Empire Avenue, or Facebook or Twitter, or LinkedIn. Know that I am exactly what you see. A hard working person with a will to learn and be the best business woman I can be.

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Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
Tricia, this here "I have however told people that if I don't know the answers, I will find the people who can help me get the answers." is the first thing that inspired me to comment. It reminds me of how Napoleon Hill tells of a story of Henry Ford, who had some intellectuals interrogate him about all kinds of subjects, like the highest mountain in America, or the city with the biggest population. Ford got tired and said, "I can't answer any of your questions, but give me 5 minutes and I will find someone who can." That, to me, is more important, to refer the person asking for help to the right person for the answer, than to try and be an encyplodedia.
Jul 24th 2011 21:20   
Tricia (Patricia) Fahrendorf Advanced   
Merci Philippe. Your response means a lot to me. And your reference also means a lot to me as well.
Jul 24th 2011 21:48   
Sean North Professional   Business
I can totally sympathise with you Tricia as someone who puts in a 20 hour day not through want or need but because thats my nature
Jul 25th 2011 08:26   
Tricia (Patricia) Fahrendorf Advanced   
Thank you Sean.
Jul 25th 2011 23:19   
Arthur Webster Senior   Just plain honesty
Hi, Patricia, the double edge of the sword that you call workaholism is there to cut two ways. First it cuts into your health reserves - not necessarily in one go but it nibbles away surreptitiously so you are not aware that it is happening. My own experience of this is both painful and extensive. Secondly it cuts into your personal life and can destroy your social circle or modify it in such a way that you can only tollerate the presence of other workaholics. If you are truly happy the way you are, many congratulations, if you have some subdued reservations, maybe you should share your time between YOU and your business. There is a fabulous and mystery-filled world out there - it would be a shame to miss it. I missed it because of ill health but still feel that I could have done more to have a life than I did.
Jul 30th 2011 05:22   
Tricia (Patricia) Fahrendorf Advanced   
Hi Old Coot, I have already discovered the health issues that you talk of because of the extended work hours, the lack of sleep and the bad eating habits that go along with the work-a-holic lifestyle. Not to drag anyone down but the health issues are the worst part of it all. I enjoy the work work mentality. I feel that I am accomplishing so much and the rewards to me are worth it. I do know there is a life outside of work. I just choose my moments very carefully. Thank you for your kind response and I hope that you enjoy the life that you are blessed with. We have to make the most of the life that we have. :-)
Jul 30th 2011 13:12   
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