A Description on Breast Cancer and its Treatment

by Danis John Business Content Writer

There are numerous types of cancer; breast cancer is a serious and commonly found type among all. Though it can be found in men also, but mostly it affects women. Earlier, there was no effective and successful treatment for this, but now various treatment options are there. All thanks to medical science. In this blog, we will share the information about symptoms, causes, and effective breast carcinoma treatment options.


When group of cells placed in the breast increase in abnormal manner, it happens due to attack of bacteria. Mutated cells also mutate healthy cells by attacking them. By this way, cancer cells develop with great intensity and spread increasingly as compared to healthy cells. It has been noticed that the size of some tumors increases rapidly. The common form of breast cancer arises from ducts, which is also called invasive duct carcinoma. It is more common to be found in the patients than cancer arising lobules.

A patient may feel pain in breast, redness, skin irritation, lump under the arm, and discharge from its nipple. If the breast is warm and feels itching when the patient touches. Other symptoms may be flat or inverted nipple, blotchy, swollen skin around breast, etc.


Some of the common reasons causing cancer are inclusive of lifestyle, genetics, hormones, and excess smoking or alcohol consumption, and exposure to specific environmental hazards. Moreover, environment radiation is a major factor that causes infection or immunity break down and causing breast cancer.

Treatment Options:

There are numerous breast cancer treatment options and some of them are surgical therapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Surgical therapy: Surgery is a common treatment option for this type of cancer and surgeons recommend it after proper examination of the patient. It is administered keeping in mind the size and type and stage of cancer.

Radiotherapy: Radiotherapy or radiation therapy is done after surgery if the skin of the patient requires recovery. It involves high level of radiation that is used directly to remove the cancer cells. To some extent, it is similar to x-ray.

Chemotherapy: During this therapy, chemicals are used in order to treat the cancer. It is done through blood and proves to be effective since it functions on quickly repelling cancer cells. However, chemicals that are used in it are not able to distinguish affected cells and healthy cells. Therefore, physicians use exact dose according to the size of cancer.

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