9 clever hair care tricks your barber use for himself

by Victoria Howell The barbershops and hair salons

When you come to the Barbershop you understand the only thing – your barber’s hairdo is excellent. How did he do it?


Barbers from the best Barber Shop in the New Your City are ready to unveil secrets. Read on!


Secret #1. Magic powder

Have you got greasy hair? We can suggest our personal sort of the dry shampoo - baby powder, baking powder or simple baking flour.

It may look strange but many barbers prefer wash their hair few times per week and use such equivalents of the dry shampoo at the rest of the time.


Secret #2. Hiding the gray

The best option for hiding grey hair if you don’t want or don’t have opportunity to color your hair is using the mascara.

It can perfectly paint your white strands and also it easily washes out.


Secret #3. Annoying cowlick

If you got up and find out an annoying cowlick into your hair – you can take it away with the help of the old toothbrush. The little heads of the brushes seems to be designed for these aims.


Secret #4. Staticy

Have some problems with staticy hair. There is an easy way out. Just rub a dryer sheet over your scalpfor smoothing out the flyaways.


Secret #5. Texture adding

Ocean water is a perfect texture adder. So you just need to add sea or ocean water into a spray bottle, than mix it with a little amount of the leave-in conditioner. And use when you want have sexy vacation look.


Secret #6. Frizzy ends

When your ends look frizzy you can just apply a little amount of the hand lotion through them. It is a combo when you are caring your hands and your hair simultaneously.


Secret #7. Dry and damage hair

If you feel that your hair is dry and damaged the best option in this case is coconut oil. It will add shine and softness to your hair and which is equally important it will easy combing.


Secret #8. Good sleep

Not every barber has but sure every barber wants – good sleep. Strong sleep makes your hair look healthier.

Also you should be careful during the choosing your pillow and bed sheets.


Follow this simple suggestions and your barber will be pleasantly surprised when you come to the hair cut next time.


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