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Most children today are fussy eaters. Well, even though this is common, meal times can be a total nightmare! A child’s eating habits are one of the most important concerns of a parent, so we’ve got 8 solutions to help your situation. Let’s make healthy food fun!

When you’ve got a fussy eater to contend with, it’s easy to get locked in a battle of wills, and easier to feel frustrated and powerless when your toddler simply refuses to eat certain foods.

Most children go through this phase, whether it’s picking at their food, pushing the plate away, eating only what they like or flat out refusing to open their mouths. This has been a very real struggle for a lot of parents so we’ve tried to work on ways to make food a little more exciting.

Here’s what you need to do:

Focus on Colour

Eat a Rainbow

We’ve all seen kids who judge food based on how it looks. They form opinions about food they’ve never even tasted. It’s just not exciting enough for their eyes. Try playing with a few colours they like to grab their attention. Not only are bright, colourful foods naturally more appealing to children but they are also better for them. Eating a Rainbow a day will help your child get all the nutrients they need.

Maximize Their Interests

What is your child’s latest obsession? Incorporate that into their food! For example, if they love different countries, cultures and travelling, you could make an ‘Australian Veggie Bonanza’ and fill it with all fancy vegetables you’ve got. Or if they love shapes you could cut out food in their favorite ones so it’s more fun at the dinner table.

Make them eat what they love

If your child probably orders only Nachos every time you go out for a meal, this one is your problem-solver! Make sure to explain your kids the concept of ‘treats’. If they manage to wipe out all that salad, you give them a plate of their favorite food. Only difference is – they don’t know it’s healthy! Use a baked alternative (Baked Chips) so you are cutting out all the extra oil and half your worries are put to rest.

Use Fun Names

Though it may seem a little silly, but calling food by their whacky names can be so much fun for the little ones. You most definitely teach them the real names but the fun names make kids more open-minded about trying them. You could always start with a green smoothie and call it “monster juice”. To make it even more exciting, add a back story to it.

Dips over vegetables

If your kids wont eat vegetables, experiment with dips. It is a much easier and tastier way to make them get all their essential nutrients. You could make them in bright colours and pair them with some Baked Multigrain Strips instead of the fried, unhealthy alternatives. It’s a great way to even make them eat on their own!

Sneak in Soy

Even if your kids don’t have milk allergies, soy milk is a terrific source of healthy phytochemicals. They give us protein, fiber, B vitamins, calcium 7 omega-3 fatty acids. Most kids don’t like soy milk but don’t really notice it when it’s used a hidden ingredient.

Serve it differently

A change in presentation can make all the difference and doesn’t take too much extra time. Make fruit kebabs with a yogurt dip, or miniaturized foods like bite sized sandwiches or pizzas. When food looks different and cool , it isn’t considered as regular home cooked food. You could even give them a platter and let them mix and match their food. Playing with food is OK if it gets them to eat all of it.

Make food selection an activity for all of you

Not only is this a great way to bond with your kids and spend quality time, but it will also have them looking forward to dinner. After all, they will want to see how their choices & combinations worked out! Yes, taking them to a supermarket isn’t the best experience but it is a great way to teach them about different types of food as well. Now a lot of supermarkets have their own online stores, so you could do this activity from the comfort of your home too!

The kids are going to be around a lot more in the summer break, so try a few of these tips and let us know how much it helped!

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