8 Reasons Why Dogs Make The Best Pets

by Shawn Deny Internet Marketing Manager

Want to own a pet, but can’t decide which one might be best for you?

Then we can convince you to opt for a dog. Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. A person who lives alone can have no better companion than a dog. Reminiscing Will Smith in I am Legend.

For older folks, dogs could be a source of assistance. A family with kids could adopt a dog simply because of their love for animals.

When it comes to pets, few animals can be a better option than a canine. From Red Labradoodle to English Golden Retrievers, you’ll have no problem falling in love with them.

Following are the reasons that prove why dogs are the best pets:

1.    Dogs are intelligent:

What makes it so easy for dogs to learn new tricks? Their intelligence. They can detect danger, strangers and friends because of their intelligence. According to APA dogs can actually count, deceive other people and understand 150 words.  

2.    They’ll make you happy:

Dogs are happy creatures, and they try their best to bring happiness in their owner’s life. Snuggling with a dog can make anyone’s heart warm. Getting a big snuggle after a bad day could make you forget about the toughest situations in your life. In fact, according to AHA journals, your risk of getting cardiovascular diseases lessens immensely if you own a dog.

3.    Physical fitness:

We need daily exercise, and so does our canine companion. However, when it comes to our physical well-being, we tend to slack. But when you have a dog to take care of, you have a duty to perform. So you run, walk and play with them, giving yourself the exercise that you need.

4.    A helping hand:

Dogs are excellent companions not only because they are good for our mental and physical health, but also because they do their share of work. They stay by disabled people. And with proper training, could help them fetch their medication, help a patient relax. They also have an uncanny ability to detect epileptic seizure; like we said – smart!

5.    Kids have better self-esteem:

It has been noticed that kids who own dogs as a pet end up having better self-esteem. Self-esteem comes from love and confidence. As kids grow-up with dogs, they feel more at ease with themselves.

6.    Good for kid’s health:

Growing up with a dog means fewer pet related allergies. It is also beneficial for children with dog allergies to keep a pet dog. Perplexed? Studies prove that it decreases their risk considerably of developing eczema.

7.    Best companions of socially awkward people:

People who are socially awkward often have to deal with rejection. They form bonds without judgment; and are readily available to provide affection and attention.

8.    They are adorable:

One of the most valid reasons that make dogs the best pet is their cuteness. Just looking at their adorable antics could make you forget the world’s troubles.

Now that you are convinced, visit to take a look at some dogs for adoption. Or contact them to learn more about their dogs and puppies collection. 

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