6 efficacy of sterling silver – Benefits of silver jewelries

by Joy Zhao Jewelry wholesale

According to “Compendium of Materia Medica” records, silver has the function of calm down the internal organs and mind, stop fright and eliminate pathogenic factor. The modern medicine also proved that silver can sterilize wounds and anti-inflammatory, detox and preserve health, prolong life. Long term use sterling silver can speed up metabolism and increase body resistance. So, you see, if wear sterling silver jewelry for long-term, it is always good for healthy.


6 effect of sterling silver


1. Identify poison.

The caravan (the travelling merchants) always carry some silver tableware, such as silver bowls, silver water bottle. Just in case the robbers put poison into water on the ways they must pass. The caravan use silver to make sure the water or food safe.


2. Anti-inflammatory.

The new pierced ears likely to become inflamed by wear other metal earrings, but if wear sterling silver earrings will not inflamed, and also the ears pierced heal quickly.


3. Sterilization.

Modern medicine confirmed that silver ion can kill almost all the harmful microorganisms.


4, Antisepsis and freshness

Many ethnic in China use silver tableware, not only because of its noble and pure, but also because the silver bowls antisepsis and freshness. For example, mare’s milk go bad in few days in normal bowls, but if put into silver bowls, it’s keep fresh for longer time.


5. Eliminating dampness.

Silver dispel wind-damp and heat-damp. For example, the acupuncture of traditional Chinese medicine, they use silver needles.


6. Purify water.

Silver ion can kill bacteria, purify water. The experiment shows that the water in the metal pail get muddy while the water in silver pail still pure after one month with both pails open.


Benefits of wearing silver jewelries:

Wear silver jewelry is good for human body, not only because its elegant beautiful appearance, but also because its physical fitness. There is an old saying “ wear silver jewelry, health and wealth come with you forever.” In medicine, silver jewelry are much more healthy than gold.

Silver’s thermal conductivity is the best in all the metals, silver helps blood and blood vessels give off heat, in this way effect in ward off diseases. 

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