5 Ways To Make Your YouTube Videos Viral And Go Viral

by Harshal Gehlot Manager at Pi Technologies

Videos are the most powerful medium of conveying some message in front of audience whether it is commercial or non-commercial. On that it is necessary to know the basics of going viral and is also necessary to understand how video goes viral in order to make your commercial or non-commercial video viral online on various platforms including YouTube, Facebook etc.

As every business wants to come in the categories of the company which have a list of viral YouTube videos, top viral videos, YouTube best Videos, top viewed YouTube videos, YouTube Popular videos or top 10 YouTube Videos  in order to achieve a brand identity.

So Today I am going to share some tips to make your videos go viral on YouTube and on other platforms:-

  1. For this first of all we need to understand that How anything becomes viral on Internet. Any video which becomes viral on internet usually have a strong base of word of mouth publicity and have articles and blogs published for them.

So for this the tip how to make my video viral on YouTube is that

After publishing your video the first thing to do is that  just share it with the industry leaders by the convenient means like through mail or by tweeting it to them, on social sites like Reddit and Tumblr and the persons who are likely to share your videos. In this way you will get some shares and also will some articles and blogs posted for your video.   So the ultimate benefit you will get from this is that you probably will rank in YouTube videos searches as we all know that Google collects information from all the possible sources and then rank any particular thing by measuring traffic and online visibility about the content and a many more things which Google considers in its algorithms.

How to Make Your Video Go Gangnam Viral

how to make videos viral on youtube

  1. Time is also an important factor in order to make videos viral on YouTube. So how time is important in it? Let us understand it with

 This Clever way to make your YouTube video go viral

Yes time is an important factor in order to make videos viral for free. How? So let me explain you this, people watch your videos when they are free or more likely to see your video on YouTube. Thus, select a day to release your video when the chances of it being viewed are more. It simply means that release it when something big or grand thing is not going to release like trailer of any big movie or anything which sounds the same. Also keep in mind that time also matters in the terms of length of videos as generally people don’t like to see long videos until it is really mind-blowing. So try to make videos short and sweet and focused on the topic.

how to make my video viral on youtube

  1. Engagement and involvement are also the factors which also should be taken into consideration. So how it helps in making a video viral let us understand it with

This tip on How to Make Your Video Go Gangnam Viral

Engagement and involvement are important and you can understand it with the fact that as more as you will engage with your audience as more as they will respond to you and it is also a fact that everyone wants to get heard and to feel a sense of familiarity. So it is necessary to get engaged and to respond them on order to achieve the customer loyalty or I would say fan loyalty as a number of YouTube Popular videos follows the same strategy.

Involvement is also necessary in terms of marketing your YouTube video. Confused? How? So let me explain you that how? For that involve with the people who holds the place in your video in any manner, by the means of mentioning them in your description and by doing so you can get shares of your video by their side.

Qualities To Make Your Videos Go Viral

  1. Quality always matters whether it is a case of video or any other thing. So how it will help let me explain you with

This tip on how to make videos viral on YouTube

No one will ever share your videos if it doesn’t possess quality. So try to make the videos with the content which has a quality and serves the viewers in real sense which means compel them to share. And it is only possible when it has a logical story to tell and also have an emotional touch with which they feel acquaintance. The emotion can be any like happiness, inspiration, excitement, amusement or anger, sadness etc.

  1. Headlines hold a huge importance whether it is of a headline of a newspaper or of a video off course. Let me tell you how with

This tip how to go viral on YouTube 

Headlines or Titles can really make or break the factor of going viral as we all know that a huge number of people open an video, mail/email, article or even blog because of its headline or title. So it is also necessary to put emphasis on Titles or headlines. It should be such like that it catches the attention of viewers easily and along with that also makes people what you video is actually about. And is also capable of serving the audience in best and informative way they can.

how to make a video viral for free

On that if you want to make your videos viral you can follow the above post or can hire us for making your YouTube videos viral.

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