5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Using Your Pressure Cooker

by Steve Jen Nothing
Ready to power up that pressure cooker? Hold up! Read on to find out the five tips that help you make the most of your pressure cooking…
The pressure cooker operates on the simple principle of steam cooking. Because of the high pressure within the container, you have the ability to cook your food at higher temperatures, faster and much better! So, what can you cook in your pressure cooker? Just about anything.

From vegetable stews, chickpeas to cooking rice dishes, your pressure cooker could transform your cooking experience, empowering your passion for healthy eating. However, there are some things that you should keep in mind during its usage:

•    Get the Water Quantity Right

One of the biggest concerns that people face when working with a pressure cooker is not being sure about how much water to add. What is too little, or too much?

When cooking, make sure to check out the recommendations on the recipe. While it is perfectly fine to use more liquid than what is recommended, you should refrain from using less. Remember: pressure cookers cook better and faster because of the heat pressure build up within, which is only possible if there is enough water in there in the first place.

Also, make sure you don’t overfill the container either. While steam has no weight, it does have pressure and requires space. So if you’ve added more water than necessary, just wait until it comes to boil, and then remove the lid so that some portion of the extra water evaporates. Put the lid on, and then power it up!

•    Learn the Art of Timing

Perhaps the most essential component of pressure cooking is timing. You get that right and you’re a pro! Follow the recipe instructions for how long to cook your food and how much water to put in the pot.  When the prescribed time is up, release the pressure and test the food. If it needs to cook longer, put the pressure cooker back on the burner and start your extra time from the time the steam starts to vent out. Then make a note on your recipe for future reference.

•    Eliminate Variability – The Factor of Size

Consistency is an important element, and for that, you should cut your food in uniform sizes for even cooking. For instance, large chunks of meat will take a longer time to cook than smaller cubes. Furthermore, if you’re cooking different kinds of food like vegetables and meat, you have to take into account their individual cooking requirements. You will first cook the meat, release the pressure before you add the hard vegetables like potatoes and then finally the carrots, etc.

•    Induce Extra Flavor With Browning

To add some flavor and variance in your cooking, you should consider browning or sauté foods before you add other liquids into the pressure cooker.

•    Equipment Matters – Choose a High Quality Pressure Cooker

Your cooking experience is more than just the ingredients – especially when it comes to pressure cooking. The right kind of pressure cooker is imperative for a safe and exceptional experience. Some of the top and reasonably priced brands that we recommend are Fagor and Fissler.

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