The RevPages — for advertising or for informing?

by Serban Stanescu Writer, webmaster, trainer, ZENLA

 I have only a few days on ApSense, but I have 10 years of internet practice and I have seen, read and wrote many reviews since my first day on Virtualia.

So, obviously, like any hungry surfer, two of my top-targets on ApSense, were the profile pages and RevPages. It was very obvious for me what a RevPage should be, so my main actions in my first days, were to read through some profiles and some RevPages.

I was very disappointed to see that lots of people are making a huge confusion between an AdPage and a RevPage!

A RevPage, is a REVIEW page. What is then a REVIEW?

Let's see what the largest encyclopedia WikiPedia says.

So, a review, is a personal view on a specific topic.

What can we read instead of reviews on RevPages? Huge amounts of salespages!

So, instead of valuable informations, we gather long chunks of salespages.

Quoting from certain RevPages to prove my point, would be rude IMHO, but go and see for yourself! And to make sure, go also to the endorsed pages and compare the text in the Revpage, with the text of the salescopy. You'll see what I mean. Copy-Paste?

What is my solution?

1. Read carefully the definition of REVIEW.

2. If you think you have the skills to write a review, write it. Otherwise, write it in a file, and re-write it 100 times, 1000 times if needed. Only then publish it!

3. Show respect for the reader's time! I can understand that everybody needs money, but throwing advertisments in my eyes, is a little bit too much, and it shows a lack of self-esteem! If you write a review, you implicitely pretend that you know what that is. And if instead of writing a review you throw under my eyes a salescopy, you show a lack of respect for YOU, for me, and for my time! If you think this is the way you can build a relationship, well, you are deadly wrong!

Instead of offering value, you are offering only a desperate signal --> “I want your time and your money, by any means!

So, why should I credit you a second chance? Just because YOU want money? EVERYBODY wants money, even I! So, what makes the difference between me and YOU, or anyone else?

Let me point it out clearly:

I have ONLY 86,400 seconds daily in my bank account!

Depends on how I spent this ASSET, how rich or how poor I will be at the end of the day!

The worst thing of all is that, at precisely 24:00:00, the balance in my bank account resets, and at 00:00:01, I will have the same amount of 86,400 seconds!

Even if I failed to spent some 3,600 seconds, at the beginning of the next day, instead of 90,000 seconds, I will find the same 86,400 seconds EVERYDAY!

For this very reason called TIME, if I come cross a RevPage that contains an advertising instead of a REVIEW, I will put a penalty on that RevPage. I would try to do it nicely, but MY TIME FLIES AWAY, and who is going to give it back to me?

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Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
I tried it, Serban. It's useless. Many members will continue to write RevPages as if they were Revenue Pages. Someone here teaches that RevPages means Revenue Page. Not me. I always prefer when writes pros and cons, although I do fall in the trap of writing RevPages that promote. My approach is to write honest information, though. You won't see me use get rich quick information, or words like "build your advertising empire".
Jun 1st 2011 19:34   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
A wonderful explanation of what a RevPage is. That is because there are people here and always will be that see everything provided by APSense as ad space. They don't understand that ads don't build relationships.
Jun 1st 2011 19:44   
Serban Stanescu Advanced   Writer, webmaster, trainer, ZENLA
Thanks both of you!
Cheryl, I value your comment, but if we agree on that, let's change the things a little bit and dislike the pages that are 90% endorsments or plainly salescopies.
I am very much aware that a script like ApSense is a real pain in the ass to make perfect, but WE, the ones who use it, are the ones who can improve everything, starting with ourselves.
(It seems I have to rest, I am making too many typing errors... :( )
Jun 1st 2011 20:06   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
I don't even bother to visit what I know is a sales page.I've published a grand total of 37 Rev pages and out of the 37 7 were about my business the Most of my pages are used to promote APsense features or other organization or sites. The reason I have so few RevPages is that you cannot tell me that someone can create a legitimate original revpages dayafter day without finally resorting to low quality junk filler.
Jun 1st 2011 20:32   
Mohann Krish Advanced   
It is better if only links pointing to APSense are allowed in revpages. It will then add value to the site as an SEO strategy.
Jun 2nd 2011 00:26   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
Mohann actually it doesn't matter where the links lead. They will still be found. several of my revpages show up in the search engines. And they often lead to websites of others. You can review anything on a revpage the problem with them is people don't review. They page after page after page of sales copy (usually cut and paste) to push what ever program they are promoting this week.

The ones that actually review something are few and far between.
Jun 2nd 2011 07:03   
Serban Stanescu Advanced   Writer, webmaster, trainer, ZENLA
Cherryl, it's sad, but true! I wantede to be nice, and liked 2 pages. But then i saw that copy-pasting is a habit and that made me feel... at least uncomfortabvle. BUT!
WE can change it!
As a matter of fact, i wil start a series of RevPages with FREE tools. On the Romanian market, I started a project called "CBPN" which stands for the English "Make Money Online Course". I wanted to proove that you can start online without spending a cent, and I already prooved this.
So, for who is really interested in this, I think I will translater the course into English and start it. I'll let you know when and where is the subscription page. Might take me a month or so, since there are 24 PDF modules and some other stuff to prepare. And, of course, my ex-students, that now are my partners and will assist people on their journey towards themselves and their own online business. But here I am going to write a series of reviews on the tools I used to build a business. These are common resources, but often ignored as such, or inadequately used.
So, watch my profile, for new articles!
PS: Cherrtyl, please check the link in your signature! Is it broken, or what? I just checked (I like to do that!) and says "Oops! Google Chrome could not find"... :(
Jun 2nd 2011 07:18   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
Actually you can't access my link because my program is only available in North America
Jun 2nd 2011 07:21   
Sean North Professional   Business
Hi Serban great article and insight, when I do use rev pages it is ofte just for something I like and if their is a link as with Cheryl it oftenleads to someone elses site or further info on the subject
Jun 2nd 2011 07:22   
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