Who Needs A Time Clock! I Work Online!

by Katrina O. Indiana Water Filters
Is that what you think? That's what I thought too! But, the hard truth is, you need to set a schedule, or you will simply get overwhelmed and chase your tail trying to get everything that needs to be done, done.

A "time clock" of sorts, should be a part of your ultimate business plan. Without one, you will eventually, become overwhelmed, frustrated, discouraged, and ultimately, fail at working an online business. Or at the very least, damage your personal life beyond repair!

When starting to learn IM, it is important that you learn all you can, but stick to a schedule. Learn what your product or service is. Learn all you can about the parent company, other members, ask questions and watch videos. But, don't try to do it all at once. Take scheduled breaks, set a time to work, and a time to be off work.

Single people with little or no family, or other commitments, can possibly be online, working their business every waking moment.

Those who have a family, offiline job, or other responsibilities, will need to set a schedule for working an learning online. You family will resent the hard work you are doing if you don't take the time to spend with them.

All work and no play, is not productive nor will it lead you to a successful internet marketing business. Balance working, learning, and playing! Take time for you.

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Tolulope Babatunde Senior   HCD Consultant
This is simply awesome. More of this to free the enslaved minds
Apr 4th 2011 12:30   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Yep how it all works, can we have that ability to that a balanced equation of learning, playing and time for our self's...But l get your point...:}
Apr 4th 2011 12:35   
Cindy Bolley Magnate II Premium   HHCTB?
Good stuff Kat...
Sounds a bit familiar.
I was just talking about this exact same thing with someone.

Apr 4th 2011 12:40   
Debbie J. Freshman   Natural Skin Care Advocate
So true. As a new internet marketer, I found myself on the computer 8-10 hours a day, and my children and spouse resenting it. I had to make a list of what I wanted to accomplish that day, in a matter of importance, and walk away from it after that - and pick up again the next day.
Apr 6th 2011 13:54   
Dan Gallagher Advanced   Network Marketer
Kat is always on target. Timing and scheduling is most important in succeeding in this business as well as stick-to-it-tivness.......You have to set a goal, break it down in steps to achieve it and then apply every step and do not quit until you have reached it.
Do nothing - give up- get discouraged and you lose.........If that starts to happen, call your mentor or get one if you do not have one to help you past that step.
Apr 19th 2011 07:21   
Katrina O. Professional   Indiana Water Filters
Thanks Dan! A good circle of uplifting mentors and friends helps through the unavoidable rough spots! APSense is full of positive energy!
Apr 19th 2011 09:27   
Tolulope Babatunde Senior   HCD Consultant
Thank this is simply explicit. Great one
Apr 19th 2011 10:36   
Jean DAndrea Senior   Retired
You're so right Kat!
The ads sometimes make it sound so easy, to make money online.
In fact, there is heaps to be done, and it does take time.
May 3rd 2011 20:47   
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