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by Stan Rams

Twiends is the number one tool for growing your online following.

You can...

  • Get twitter followers and friends
  • Get facebook page likes
  • Get website visitors
  • Select a country focus and interests
  • Choose how quickly you want to grow
  • Get important notifications
  • View our active support forums

How does it work?

Twiends provides introductions to people looking for friends and followers. We use a fair credit system to create the incentive for you to check someone out. When you follow someone you earn credits from them, and vica versa when they follow you. You can decide how many credits you want to offer per follow, and when you run out you remain on the list so people can still follow you if they like. We focusing on making the introduction, and you focus on deciding who you want to be friends with in the long run. Despite our name, we are not a "get followers fast" site or a follower train. You get to choose who you friend and they get to do the same. In saying that though, you will find that a lot people will follow you because you are on the site. Our focus is community building.

What is a credit?

You offer credits to others as an incentive for them to follow you. They can then use the credit to do the same. It is purely a mechanism for encouraging people to check each other out, and it works.

I don't want to follow others, I just want others to follow me.

That's perfectly fine. You can list yourself on the site absolutely free. People will probably still check you out. You can also get credits through other means, such as referring friends or blogging about the site.

I don't want credits, I just want to make some new friends.

That's perfectly fine too. You can find and follow some new friends on the site without listing yourself too. By delisting yourself on your settings page you can still find and follow some interesting people without being listed yourself.

Can I purchase credits?

You can do that on the "credits" page when you're logged in.  All purchases are handled securely through PayPal. The credits purchased will appear in your account immediately.

Why can't I set my offer to 1 credit?

The minimum offer is 2 credits, but the site automatically deducts one credit during each follow. That's why offers always appear one credit lower than you set them. If you set it to 2, it will appear as 1. If you set it to 6, it will appear as 5. Deducting one credit during each follow is a very important part of the credit mechanism. It allows us to reintroduce those credits into the system in other ways, such as giving them to new users or to users who refer other users or blog about the site. It creates a better "flow" of credits on the site that encourages a lot of following. If we didn't do this then the credits in the system would inflate, and the incentive to follow others would diminish over time. We would also not be able to offer incentives for referrals and other community growing activities. All of this we have found out through extensive testing and analysis.

Why are some people offering 0 credits?

The reason you see 0 credit offers in the system is because those users have run out of credits and can no longer offer any, so they show as 0 until they get more credits. Generally people will stop following them because of this, which encourages them to log in and participate as well.

Do you offer a VIP option?

Yes, although it may work slightly differently than you're used to. Anybody that purchases credits on the site is marked as a VIP. This VIP status will last from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the package purchased.

If I follow someone twice will I get the credits twice?

No, I'm afraid not. That would be a little unfair on the person offering you the credits. You only get the credits once. Also, if you do a lot of following and unfollowing you risk having your account suspended by Twitter.

What happens if my account is suspended by Twitter?

As part of our terms of service you may only use with a fully active Twitter account. Suspended accounts will not be allowed to use the service. We take twitter's terms of service very seriously, please read our ethics page.

What does the service cost me?

Nothing. It's free..! You do have the option to purchase credits if you like, but everything is essentially free.

Why does it say I can't follow someone?

There are a few reasons why this can happen. The most common reason is when someone protects their updates. When this happens you will get the credits for following them the first time, but will not start following them until they approve you. You might also have followed the person outside of Once you've tried to follow them once they shouldn't show up in the list again.

What is aggressive unfollowing?

This is when someone follows a lot of people in the list and then unfollows them shortly thereafter. It's obviously something that our users don't like as they lose credits and don't get a new follower. When people churn the list they are effectively taking credits from others without giving anything in return. works on a system of mutual introduction. It's a trust system that says, I'll give you credits if you follow me for a reasonable amount of time and check me out. People that just churn the list are not even giving their new friends a chance. Our systems monitor for aggressive follower churning and when certain thresholds are hit you may not find any new friends to follow.

Are you forcing me to follow others?

Of course not. This is not the goal of The guideline I put in place is that you follow someone for at least a week to see if you like what they tweet about. If you find them offensive or spammy then you can of course unfollow them immediately. Over time you can decide who you want to be long-term friends with. We want our introductions to mean something, and we want you to honestly check out your new friends before unfollowing them.

How can I close my account

You can close your account on the settings page. You can also de-list yourself without closing your account on the settings page.

How long does it take before I get my featured user slot.

It usually takes a couple of days before you get your turn. Sometimes it can take a little longer if there's a long waiting list. Feel free to email me if you want to find out how long the wait is.

Can you give me more information about the service?

For sure. I have an information feed that provides extra information about how to get the most out of the site. Subscribe to the feed..

What is your feed?

The feed is a free service I offer. I provide useful information on it for getting more followers and growing your community.

Your Privacy

We use your personal information to provide the services you've requested (i.e. to process your order). We may also use this information for auditing, research and analysis to operate and improve our technologies and services. We will not pass your details on to any third parties.


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