Moneywords: Your Key to the Keyword Kingdom ? Part 1

by Passive Income Income For Life

Have you ever tried to optimize your website for Google and other search engines, but failed to attain the results you were after?  Most Internet marketers at one point or another find themselves quite frustrated with their lack of search engine success.  Many elect to throw in the towel and pursue other avenues of traffic.  Unfortunately, this is often a mistake.  Most marketers don?t realize that just one simple change to their approach to search engine optimization could revolutionize their results.  So what is that one simple change?  Simple ? it?s keywords. Website traffic success depends on the keywords you choose, and most people use the wrong ones, which inevitably leads to disappointment and wasted time.

Fortunately, choosing the right keywords is a relatively simple and straightforward process.  You don?t need to be an SEO guru, and you don?t have to spend a ton of time, money, or effort. In this article I?ll show you how to pick the right keywords to obtain top organic search engine rankings, thereby securing a free flow of highly targeted traffic to your website.

Before we get started with keyword research, let?s answer the question: Why is search engine traffic so desirable for website owners?

Here are a few of the key reasons:

  • Search engines are collectively one of the largest traffic sources in the world.
  • Search engine traffic is highly targeted traffic.
  • Organic search engine traffic is free.

On top of that, organic search engine traffic can be very low maintenance and low stress.  Once you obtain top rankings for your ?Moneywords? (we?ll define this term later), your rankings will often stick for months, or even years.  This means you do not need to constantly fret over losing your rankings, thereby enabling you to direct more positive energy towards other aspects of your business.

Furthermore, obtaining top rankings in Google (and other search engines) is a win-win situation for both you and the search engines.  Here?s why:

  • Google wants to give people the most relevant search results they can.  Google wins when it can provide quality, relevant search results.
  • People who search on Google win when they find web sites that give them the information they?re searching for.
  • You win by targeting the right keywords and having your site appear at the top of the organic search results, thus capturing the attention of people who are looking for the very subject or niche you?re marketing.

So ultimately, everyone gets what they want.  What could be better?  With that said, let?s get into the ?nitty gritty? of keyword research and how you can use it to drive swarms of free search engine traffic to your website.

First off ? what is keyword research exactly?  In a nutshell, keyword research is the foundation of Internet marketing. If you understand what terms or phrases your customers use to find information in search engines, you?ll know how to reach them. You?ll understand exactly which keyword phrases you should focus on so that your marketing efforts reap the most rewards.

I?m sure you?ve heard the famous marketing tenet, ?Find out what people want, and then give it to them.?  The problem is, no one really explains how to do that. That?s where keyword research comes in. It enables you to find out what people really want.

By knowing exactly what keywords people are using to search, and by understanding how to target those valuable keyword terms and phrases, you can rank at the top of Google?s organic search results any time you want.

Let?s explore two of the most common approaches to keyword research.  Do a gut check and ask yourself if you fall into one or both of these categories:

  1. Targeting the highest search volume keywords in your niche
  2. Targeting only long-tail keywords in your niche

While both of these methods are common, neither one is ideal.

Let?s look first at high search volume keywords.  These are usually keywords that are just a few words, such as ?Roses Flowers,? or just the term ?Roses.?  Sure, it may be a profitable market, but getting ranked for such short keywords can be very difficult.

The number of other sites targeting or competing with you for these keywords is often enormous, so even if you do make it to the top of the organic results for such keywords, someone is always nipping at your heels, trying to knock you off of Google?s first page.

It?s a no-win situation.  You?ll always be competing for the top spots, always marketing to keep your keywords ranking where people can find you.

Long-tail keyword targeting also has serious drawbacks.  These are words, terms, or long phrases of four, five, or more words within any given keyword phrase. (Such as ?pink roses grow best in organic soil?.)

The problem with long-tail keywords is that they get little to no traffic each month. You have to target and maintain high-ranking results for hundreds, if not thousands, of keywords to generate enough traffic to continually sustain a profitable web site.  That?s a lot of work.  Creating content for that many keywords is time consuming and can be very expensive.

That brings us to a superior method for doing keyword research ? targeting ?Money words.?  This approach examines keywords in a more scientific way.  A ?Money word? is a keyword that has very high search volume (lots of people are searching for the keyword each month) and very low competition in the search engines (very few websites are targeting the keyword).

The benefits of targeting Money words are many:

  • You?ll achieve multiple first-page ranking in Google?s organic results within weeks, and sometimes even within days.
  • You?ll spend minimal effort ? especially with our Money word Matrix formula and keyword tool.
  • Your website ranking will stick to the top of the organic search results like super glue.

All of this results in long-term, automated traffic.

Sound good? Be sure to check back soon for Part 2, where I?ll walk you through the exact process of identifying Money words and learning to dominate your niche.

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