The Arctic Blast

by Karen Campese CEO of Cars4Charities

Most of the country continues to get hit with an arctic blast. The temperatures have hit record lows in places that do not normally experience them. So, what do you do when Jack Frost comes nipping at your nose? Taking a lot of precautions is a good idea.

If you are going out doors, dress in several layers and make sure your head is covered by a hat or hood. That will prevent you from losing a lot of body heat. Also, cover your face with a mask or scarf. Be sure to put on some warm, dry gloves or mittens. It only takes a few minutes for frostbite to begin when the temperature is very cold.

To stay warm indoors, also dress in layers. To help maintain your body temperature, eat warm foods like soup or stews and drink plenty of warm liquids. Taking a long hot bath with help keep you warm as well. Avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages. Although they will make you feel warm, alcohol actually lowers your body temperature which will make you feel colder.

Open your curtains, drapes, and blinds during the daytime to allow the sun to warm the room and close them at night to prevent heat loss. Also it is a good idea to run your ceiling fans in reverse.  This will help push the heat downward toward the living area. Block any door drafts with a rug or rolled up towel. To keep your water pipes from freezing either open the faucets to a steady drip or leave the cupboard doors open. Do not forget to wrap your basement pipes with insulation to keep them from freezing

If you have a working fireplace, make sure to keep the damper open. And if you are using a space heater, the cord should not be frayed. With space heaters you have to be sure it is properly vented. Never put your space heater near anything flammable like drapes, furniture, etc. And, do not attempt to dry your clothing by placing it over a space heater.

If you are using a gas generator, it too must be properly vented. If these items are not properly vented, you could be exposed to deadly carbon monoxide gas. Never heat your home with an open gas stove, charcoal or gas barbeque, or wood grill. They cannot be vented properly and give off carbon monoxide gas. A big no-no is to leave candles unattended.

Bring your pets indoors during the arctic blast. They too can easily get frostbite especially on their paws in very cold temperatures. Be sure they have plenty of water to drink.

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