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New diet pills hit the market all the time. Some are available only by prescription, while countless others are available over the counter. Every time one diet pill receives bad press two more come into the spotlight to take its place. Diet pills offer the person looking to lose weight a shortcut, or so we are led to believe.

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Diet pills are designed to act on the body in some manner that enhances weight loss. Some boost metabolism. Others shift the energy system to use fat stores instead of carbohydrates. Still others block the absorption of fats, or carbs. There are diet pills that reduce cravings or trick the brain into telling the body that the stomach is full. Diet pills hit the body systems from every angle.

The problem with diet pills is that they are a temporary fix. While they will cause the desired effect during the time they are being used, the effects will stop when they are discontinued. Since most diet pills are harsh enough on the system that they can not be taken for a long term, they will have to be taken away at some point. This is the point when the weight loss stops, and inevitably, the weight gain begins again. Most dieters who use diet pills do so because they don't have the willpower to change their eating habit. This means that, after the diet pills, they will still be eating a diet that caused the weight gain in the first place, but they will not have the aid of a diet pill to help them lose, or maintain, their weight.

That is why it is more important to manipulate the food you are eating instead of masking the problem with diet pills. Its like taking a pain killer to cover up the pain of a broken ankle so you can run a road race. You will complete the race but the ankle will still be broken, and the additional damage done by running the race will result in long term problems. Instead of covering up the problem, address it and make necessary changes. If the problem is that you are eating too many sugary snacks and treats, replace them with better choices and increase your daily activity level. This will result in a better blood sugar control and more calories being burned. In the long run, not only will the weight loss be more permanent, but the health benefits will be substantial.

Food is not something to work around. It is the main component of any good diet plan. Too many dieters think that if they take a diet pill they can still frequent fast food restaurants and eat as they please. This not only leads to regaining of the weight once the pill is stopped, but can lead to serious health problems over the long haul. The other danger with diet pills is that they can cause, or enhance, many negative effects. Those with stimulant effects (raising the metabolism) may damage the heart depending on the ingredients. Others that alter hormonal levels can cause a decrease in production of those hormones when the pill is discontinued. Many pills can not be combined with diet pills, meaning those on medications, already, may find they cannot take diet pills.

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