Closing Sales Techniques Are You Making Things Up Along The Way Or What

by Toshiba Burton Social Media Consultant

So tell me are you the one that make things up along the way when it comes to closing sales techniques?

 How would it look if you're actually meeting with someone to talk to them without being prepared? Not knowing what to say when it comes to closing sales techniques can be pretty intimidating.

When a client purchases something from you then they become your customer. At this time your main goal should be on your customers and making sure that you always have an offer for them that they can benefit from.

If you are the type that make things up along the way then it definitely takes knowledge and practice to achieve this skill. How can anyone become an awesome sales person before learning closing sales techniques that really work?

However this makes it attainable for you to actually do things along the way because if you know what's in a good sales pitch then you'll know which plan of action to take!

Understanding this strategy can make or break you it also helps build better relationships with your prospects. Now when you get to this point you really don't have to use sales closing techniques anymore what will happen is everything will fall into place and it will come to you naturally.

If you could just slow down and take the time to learn how to master this closing technique then you will become an awesome salesman and persuader.

Persuading and selling go hand in hand so therefore you will be able to sell really well even if your just going along with it. This technique can  allow you to become very wealthy and powerful in the long run.

Secrets Of Closing A Sale:

After you learn how to use closing sales techniques with your clients it's now time to sit back and listen by letting them respond back to you. If you are the type that's always talking then you'll miss out on something that may be extremely important.

Being quiet creates concern on your prospects behalf and will actually make them give a response especially when there's a good question involved.

Pay attention to how the client feels while they are talking and if they don't seem interested or they are showing a lot of rejection then don't pressure them just leave them alone besides they may respond back to you at a later date who knows.

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Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
I just realized something. You are not the next Oprah, you are the female Brian Tracy.

I'm a BIG fan of Brian Tracy. His products are awesome. I listen regularly to his speeches on mp3.

Go for it, girl, create the Toshiba Burton University. :)
Jan 8th 2011 09:47   
Toshiba Burton Senior   Social Media Consultant
LOL thanks Philippe!!!
Jan 8th 2011 09:51   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Toshiba, I didn't expect a LOL, I expected :

"Working on TBU as of right now ! " LOL
Jan 8th 2011 09:57   
Catherine Shaffer Advanced  Affiliate Marketer
very interesting. I could use these techniques thanks for the info
Jan 8th 2011 11:06   
Cheryl Horton Senior   Marketer
Maybe I should study this one more closely. I guess we can never learn it all.
Jan 8th 2011 11:14   
Dorel Rogoz Advanced   
very interesting. I could use these techniques thanks for the info
Jan 8th 2011 12:58   
Nick Jerry Junior  
Will check it out, reading more about the site...
Jan 8th 2011 15:11   
David L. Professional   Freelance web designer n blogger
well is good for know more info about this website... thanks alot.
Jan 8th 2011 21:13   
Andrey V. Advanced   moneymaker.)
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Jan 8th 2011 22:07   
Roshan Prasad Advanced   Marketing Manager+Computer Administrator
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Jan 8th 2011 22:59   
Juliana Lawing Advanced   Event planner
This is really good for me, I have alot to learn from this article....
Jan 9th 2011 02:27   
Dan Nava Freshman   
very informative great relevent information. great article
Jan 9th 2011 03:18   
Joe Sansoucie Professional   Advertising Your Business Is My Business
We are given two ears and only one mouth because we should listen more than talk. I find that if I listen first, the customer always tells me how to close them. They will tell you if you listen.
Many times, a no is not a NO, it's a Know, they don't KNOW enough yet to make a smart choice. So your job is to answer all their questions and be sure they have asked the really important questions that matter to them, then show them how your offer will provide the solution. Once they have the knowledge, you have a 50/50 shot they will close. If they don't close, chances are it wasn't a good fit for them. Don't write them off as a prospect, instead listen harder and find out what they really NEED, then give it to them. The close will come quick and painless. Great post!
Jan 9th 2011 03:58   
Vladimir V. Senior   revenue&profits
It is useful and is cognitive. The good offer It is useful and is cognitive. The good offer
Jan 9th 2011 07:13   
Harsha Vardhan Advanced   
Thanks for information and i will check ....
Jan 9th 2011 08:48   
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