Where the money is in Internet Marketing

by Philippe Moisan Tutorial videos, writing
There are many possibilities to earn money with Internet Marketing.

To get them out of the way, I will first list those "opportunities" that I consider not serious, i.e. not for a business mindset :
  1. Pay To Click, i.e. PTC
  2. PTR, i.e. Pay to Read emails or articles
  3. Filling surveys : now that is a BIG waste of time, you fill a survey, it takes 45 minutes, to learn that "sorry we got all the applicants we need"
  4. Free money programs : IMO, "free money" is an oxymoron
  5. "We recruit for you"
  6. Join for free, make $5 for each referral
  7. "Join for free, you won't need anything more", but the OTO ( One Time Offer, sometimes more than one ) says that to really get results you have to buy this product, or take this paid membership level
  8. "This encased piece of silver will increase in value"
  9. "Go for Gold, say Hi 300 times a day and make money"
  10. Buy this turnkey website and make money today
By the way, I have tried 1, 3, 8, 9, 10 for sure, maybe 4, 6 and 7

So much for "do as I say not as I do" :)

That list was off the top of my head. There might be others, your comments will reveal that to me, and I will edit the article and add them to the list.

Let me be clear about one thing. I'm not saying these kinds of programs are scams. There are plenty of legitimate programs out there that are built on these methods.

1 and 2, if you are not in a hurry to make money, go ahead, see you in 10 years when you have made your first 1,000 dollars.

3, I already said why you should stay away from it. I will add that it is possible to make money with it, if you forget your family life. Survey companies look for people who are ready to put a lot of time. These people will be the favorite candidates.

4, need I say more ?

5, yeah sure, just sit on the couch and be on your way to financial independence

6, You joined for free, why would anyone do different than you ?

7, They did say the free membership was perfect to make lots of money, now they say they lied ?

8, If the market gets flooded with these glorified quarters, they will lose value, if it doesn't get popular, there won't be a market, it's a lose-lose situation, only the people who started it will make money

9, I deleted my account at such a site, the people kept sending a link after I just accepted their Contact Request, many said "Go for Gold", I was Gold, they didn't check my profile, turns out the owners of the site were the ones making big money, APSense just passed the site in question in Alexa, the site won't survive 2011, I believe

10, if you can't customize the site, the Search Engines won't see yours when there are dozens or worse hundreds just like yours, getting traffic to your site will be a big challenge

Ok. Now let's turn our attention to serious money-making business models and/or methods

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Article marketing
  3. Video marketing
  4. PPC ( Pay Per Click, like Google Adwords )
  5. CPA ( Cost Per Action, I think )
  6. Membership sites
  7. Blogging
  8. Traffic Exchanges
  9. Social Marketing
  10. Selling your services or talents
Again, I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting some models or methods.

My point is, these models or methods are all good. They don't cost too much money to start with.

Well, PPC is more of an art form than an exact science. If you doubt my words, find out how many ordinary marketers have bought three-piece suits or expensive business attire in the last few years. Only Google engineers can afford those. The rest of us still wear our 10-year-old shirt, IF we're lucky.

I don't know anything about CPA, so I can't comment on that. I just searched for it, trying to find a definition easy to understand, I failed.

Ok. Now I get to the point.

In my humble opinion, none of the above is satisfactory to be in Internet Marketing for decades and hope to have bread on the table 3 times a day month after month.

Why ?

Simple. At the begin of the article, I wrote 2 words :

Business Mindset

The "secret" is out.

How do the gurus make their money ?

I mean, they have these awesome sales pages, with incredible graphics, videos with mind bogglin special effects, nobody can compete with them in affiliate contests.

How did it happen ?

I don't have the definitive answer.

Just a theory.

Affiliate management.

Not affiliate marketing.

An affiliate manager is a step above an affiliate marketer.

A BIG  step.

Joining most affiliate programs is free. If it's not, you better stay away, cause the owner of the program wants to make money with you whether you make money or not.

An affiliate manager has no choice but to have a business mindset :
  • paying hundreds of dollars a month to join an affiliate network, like ClickBank or Commission Junction
  • Choosing good products, otherwise, he will hurt his business, sometimes REALLY bad, especially if he makes wrong choices many times, his affiliates will leave the boat
  • giving sales and promo material to your affiliates
  • dealing with affiliates who refuse to refund customers
  • preparing events, contests
  • Outsourcing many tasks, because they don't have more time than you or me

There certainly are other factors I forget.

In short, an affiliate manager is a business person.

The ones who run their business properly, with planning, course corrrection, recruting affiliates, keeping the ones they have, daily learning, staying on the edge of things, they make BIG money.

Conclusion : In my humble opinion, Affiliate management is the way to go, that's where the money is.

Don't worry too much about competition, there won't be too many new affiliate managers soon. Most people become affiliate marketers or build their business with the other means I mentioned. Become an affiliate manager is a scary thought for most people, just like few people open Mcdonald restaurants, even though you can't miss the target with that. It does cost way more to start such a business than an affiliate management.

Take me, I have written the APSense guide, it is on clickbank, it costed me $50 to get it approved by clickbank, and 3 weeks of time writing it including the bonus report

I hope this article is useful for you

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Scott Cloran Advanced   Security Officer
Way to go Phil,
Home run man. Awesome article.
I looked at some of those programs you talked about at beginning.
Good thing I am a smart man, because I saw through them first look.
I searched and searched and searched until I found the one I did.
I wont post a link here , anyone wanting to see what one it is can just look me up here.
It took me at least a year b4 I joined, didnt want to get scammed.

Keep up the awesome work Phil,And the APSense guide looks awesome.
You did a good job on that one !

All the best,
Jan 8th 2011 00:55   
Pete Balasch Jr. Magnate I   Plant Based Business Owner
Hey Philippe do you ever Rest?
Jan 8th 2011 01:02   
Catherine White Committed   Entreprenuer
Philippe- you are a dedicated marketer who will succeed. My one suggestion would be to write your article so a novice will understand it. You use many abbreviations which a newbie will not understand: IMO, OTO, IMHO, etc. without any explanation will leave many confused. Your plan to become an affiliate manager has been used to guide many to a 6 figure income. Good luck on your journey!
Jan 8th 2011 01:04   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
Hey Scott, I guess you talk about CCP. I won't name the program here, I could have, but better to have people go to your profile and discover it for themselves. :)

Pete, uh, what, I don't understand, I mean, if I want to get truckloads of sign ups like you do, I need to work harder, cause I don't have your copywriting skills. :) It's because of you that I joined Traffic Ad Bar, I mean, I only promoted it like 6 times here and got 11 sign ups, not close to you

Catherine, I take too many things for granted. I will keep the acronyms for chat conversations, thanks, will edit now
Jan 8th 2011 01:13   
Alexandr Sutormin Senior   Russian Navel
Philippe, you're real GURU
in inet-marketing!..
But do you sleep somewhen or
you always online?..
I'm appeciate your efforts!..
Jan 8th 2011 01:42   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
Please, not that word, not the G word, nnnoooooo :(
Jan 8th 2011 01:52   
Alexandr Sutormin Senior   Russian Navel
ok, I'll keep silence like a fish...
Jan 8th 2011 01:56   
Cory Crabb Committed   Success Is Already Yours!!!!
Lots of good content here Phillipe as always keep up the great work!
Jan 8th 2011 02:05   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
@Sammich, you're scaring me. A shark is a fish, it approaches silently. Tell me you're a gold fish, ok ? :)
Jan 8th 2011 07:59   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
Cory, thanks for the very nice compliment, I appreciate it. I will post this in your OMG group on FaceBook.

Guys, if you feel you are serious in your marketing efforts, join Cory's group, you will meet awesome people there.
Jan 8th 2011 08:01   
Paul Nulty Professional   Entrepreneur
Hi Philippe, Well done with getting your Click Bank product approved, I wish you Huge Success with that... nice move
Jan 9th 2011 16:20   
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