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by Mohd Idris I. Web Hosting Services

Back in 2007 when first-time I joined a social networking site known as APSense Business Social Network I was not so much familiar with the use of social networking execution and usefulness of APSense being the member of such a marvelous network of marketers, entrepreneurs and consumers.

Social Networking basically is the grouping of individuals into specific groups and can be found anywhere even in our local society, the workplace, universities and schools. In 21st century, social networking online becomes the most popular way to communicate and exchange thoughts amongst the socially connected people.

While there are a number of traditional social networking websites involve grouping individuals to meet other people, develop friendships, share hobbies, religion or politics, APSense is a social networking site and Facebook of people looking to do business online. APSense Business Social Network is a global business community of like-minded people sharing common interests and experience about business-to-business and marketing and how to increase their clientele.

Although it appears that APSense Business Social Network, like any other social network, is about connecting and sharing good information that people can use and find useful, APSense is slightly different where you can create your own blog and discussions. You can create groups that others can join and with other member's support the group can take on collaborative projects.

APSense Business Social Network is geared all the resources toward internet marketers, affiliates and business owners to market their products and services, and to build strong relationship with potential customers worldwide.

APSense Business Social Network functions like an online community of serious online marketers where you can begin to create your own profile page to socialize. Socialization may include reading the profile pages of other online marketers, affiliates and business owners and creating your own network of contact.

Building a support network of contacts is essential to any successful business. APSense Business Social Network is a way to do this.

Scam and spam protection. As I am sure you are aware, there are dangers associated with social networking including data theft, spam and scam which are on the rise. APSense Business Social Network is one of the best social networking sites, I would say, that always care and protect members. Not only that, they issue warnings about fraud and spam to other members.

Free Advertising. APSense Business Social Network is intergraded tools on member's  profile, blog, and group discussions so that you can employ these to tools to advertise and promote your business, product or service, free of charge to your.

Advertising Campaign: Advertising is the credit base. You can earn credits for participating in ad campaigns. Further you can create your own campaigns utilizing your credits.

RevPage about your service or product. You can make your best RevPages by filling out description and keyword tags about what the service or product is. Your RevPages are picked by search engines and searchable.

Sharing System. Share button is a powerful resource to share all your pages by using it. Other members will also share your articles if your pages are quality content.
You can promote similar interest within almost any website of social media that come to mind including Facebook, MySpace, Google, Twitter.

Plenty of opportunities to share experiences of life, social inspiration and offer advice to other members.

APSense is a fast growing business social network focused on helping young and enterprise professionals who want building a network of contacts.  It is geared toward the new business looking to start their own community. It also provides tools for businesses to market themselves and helps drive traffic to the business website. In this way I should say APSense Business Social Network is the best social networking site of entrepreneurs and consumers. I have tried Adlandpro and others without much success, the proportion of spam were quite high.

If you would like to try APSense business social network, click here or below url to join. Do not forget to join the Business Introduction Group there, say hi and introduce your business to other group members.

If you need assistance please do not hesitate to ask me on APSense.

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Travis Winn Innovator  Business and Marketing Coach
Yes, APSense is definitely geared toward internet entrepreneurs.
Dec 6th 2010 11:22   
Vishwajeet Kumar Magnate I   Blogger
Yes! Apsense is One of the Most successful & Leading business networks, I have ever seen.
Dec 7th 2010 00:12   
Farid Muhammad Yusuf Senior   
Wow amazing, I like APSense because I can to promote my business and I earn money. Thank you APSense. And Idris thank's for your good blog's.
Dec 7th 2010 02:53   
DEJAN T. Advanced   Internet Surfer in All Areas
extra job .. well done frend just keep up ........................
Dec 11th 2010 12:10   
Raimon Siran Advanced   education
yes. Apsense is One of the Most successful & Leading business networks. APSense is definitely geared toward internet entrepreneurs.
Dec 11th 2010 12:19   
Shaal M. Committed   Software Developer
Apsense is really great place to share your business idea to other and get good quality traffic to your business. Thanks Apsense
Dec 11th 2010 13:33   
Paul Nulty Professional   Entrepreneur
Great Article and I think Apsense is a great place to network... Well Done!
Dec 11th 2010 16:46   
Paul Nulty Professional   Entrepreneur
Great Article and I think Apsense is a great place to network... Well Done!
Dec 11th 2010 16:46   
Rodolfo Santos Committed   Civil Eng. Consultant
In fact, I'm over 15 social networks and payment so far, only three have a single platform between them is Apsense, the other is a generic platform.
Of the three mentioned, only two of them has an appropriate technology for advertising. Like Apsense
Dec 11th 2010 18:40   
Qui Royyan Committed   
is the best articke........................................................................
Dec 11th 2010 22:41   
Abraham Van der Linde Committed   Online Entrepreneur
Apsense is definitely the best social network for online entrepreneurs. You could call it he facebook on steroids. Not even facebook and twitter can give the results like Apsense can, they don't even have the add on services that you find here.
Apsense is one of a kind.
Dec 12th 2010 02:36   
Tamas Turi Junior  PHP, MYSQL developer, TE owner
Right online marketing takes time, I am still studying.
Dec 12th 2010 06:44   
Richard Attapan Innovator   
Nice article. I really can not agree that AP is a social network as there is very little socializing here, but it seems to be a great advertising network!
Dec 12th 2010 07:50   
Laura Newton Committed  The Water Filter Lady
Apsense is the best social network i've found yet! great article.
Dec 12th 2010 08:12   
Matjaz Z. Advanced   Team Leader
I think Apsense is a great place to network
Dec 12th 2010 08:42   
Ken Surgent Innovator   
Apsense is quite unique and your ads get attention.
Dec 12th 2010 09:55   
Toni Schaberick Advanced   DePuy Hip Implant Victim
when first-time I joined a social networking site known as APsense I thought it was good for business
Dec 12th 2010 10:04   
Cliff Wells Junior  
Great place to advertise// find the cheapest pay service for Merchants and the online shoppers both here. Easy to move money and Great People to Support you.
Dec 12th 2010 12:00   
Mike N. Professional   Helping people make money online
Good article,full of info.Apsense is a good business does what it says it does.
Dec 12th 2010 14:03   
Josee (Jodyshoney) H. Advanced  Bilingual French and English speaking
I am already a member of Apsense :)
Dec 12th 2010 15:02   
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