Link your Keyword for targeted visitors

by Paula van Dun Retired

On Kooday (now gone)
you could purchase a keyword and link your site to it in order to get it ranked high in the search results. Almost everybody loved it because they earn money as long as it lasted. Many reinvested those earnings in more keywords and lost it all.

Even before I knew that there are well known internet crooks behind it, i figured out that it simply can not work on long term.

The reason is simple.

There were very few rules. I could buy a keyword "dogfood" and link a site to it that sells furniture.

It is the common users that  make the success of any search engine. When Kooday launched for the public and people got irrelevant search results so they retuned to old trusted Google or another one that produces relevant results.

Apart from that, the prices of purchasing a keyword was artificially driven up by the owners of the keywords. This is simply not workable. Companies do not want to have check daily if they still own their keyword or have to purchase the same keyword over and over again.

There are similar programs were people are making money, some even a lot. But what will happen if these programs crash like happened to Kooday? When it becomes general knowledge they are a scam? Would you join another program from the person who recommended this program to you?

I am the owner of a site where you can buy a keyword an link your site or program to it for 1 year or 3 years (top spot). Nobody can take the keyword away from you by placing a higher bid. You can ad a description and an image to it.
It has nothing to do with a search engine.

My site is called "Link your keyword", The site is not only visited by online marketeers but also by the general public and is therefore ideal for promoting a niche product or service. We have also 2 special pages: A TE Special where you can promote your TE or promote te-related services and a Tools and E-book special.

When people hover your keyword they see the image and the description. All keyword purchases are manually reviewed by me. Keywords that are reserved and don't match the content are refused.

So go ahead and Link your keyword today and get targeted visitors.

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Dave Gilbert Senior   Web Entreprenuer
Good Information Paula i checked your link site out and it's awesome
Nov 15th 2010 06:07   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Awesome idea to present your site as an alternative to sites that pay for keywords. At least, as of this writing, your site is working.
Nov 15th 2010 09:41   
Justin J. Committed    ***
Adland Pro comes to mind as a similar racket...
Nov 15th 2010 13:05   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
@Justin Jones obviously you did not visit the sites. they are nothing like adland pro
Nov 15th 2010 13:24   
Alisa Borek Committed   CEO of Me, Myself & I, Inc.
Bashing a program in order to promote another program is probably not such a great idea.......
Nov 15th 2010 15:03   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
@Alisa you are starting to sound like a broken record.
Nov 15th 2010 15:09   
Paula O. Senior   entrepenuer
Not interested but it is a kule idea. LOL
Nov 15th 2010 18:17   
Kevin Baker Freshman  Affiliate Marketing
I agree with Alisa. It's unfair to slam Kooday when what you see now (BETA phase) is nowhere near the finished product. Kooday has delivered on its promises so far and will soon deliver a relevant search engine. Sure, odds are stacked that it will fail in this extremely competitive search engine market, but it is a unique concept that has huge potential with little investment needed to succeed.
Nov 15th 2010 18:51   
Dave Gilbert Senior   Web Entreprenuer
if the odds are stacked that kooday will fail [Quote]"Sure, odds are stacked that it will fail in this extremely competitive search engine market,"[end quote]are you not promoting something that will ultimately leave many people out of pocket thereby knowingly breaking the law
Nov 15th 2010 19:22   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
@Kevin, saying Kooday is in a beta phase is a stretch of the imagination. Use either the Kooiii or Google SE and look for "beta version" ( without the quotes ). You'll see the 2nd result points to a site called wisegeek, the link points to a definition of a beta version of software or website. In both cases, when a beta version is made public, it's for anyone to test the features. With Kooday, there's nothing to test. Search for led zeppelin at the time I'm writing this and you will find 21 results all related to the word "led". In fact, the search result page shows the first 15 results, with no way to access the 6 other results, and the original expression is nowhere to be found, so if you had a typo, you won't have any idea.
Nov 15th 2010 19:28   
Joe Sansoucie Professional   Advertising Your Business Is My Business
I agree, slamming another site to get people to join your program is pretty bad. Instead show your strengths and let the members decide if it's for them. One problem with any search engine is the fact that 99 % of users have no idea what a keyword is and how it works.
Some don't care to know, others are too lazy to learn how to do it correctly. Kooday is not a scam as far as I can see, any more than this new search engine is a scam. I have no idea if they are a scam, but I can say that Kooday has paid me real money, which pretty much removes the scam factor for me. The real deal is whether or not Google and the other big search engines will allow it to gain market share. They might just buy them out and remove them from the game. A good search engine is a good search engine, IF it delivers quality targeted traffic. That's it. It has nothing to do with any pay plan. As a marketer, I want traffic, I can make money, if I get targeted traffic to my chosen program. Good discussion here, keep it up! :-)
Nov 15th 2010 19:29   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
@Joe Sansoucie, please go to the Ethics In Business group here at ApSense. My friend Andy is giving a good definition of what a scam is in the discussion "For the record on Kooday". The point is, making real money doesn't make anything legit, else, people like Earl Jones wouldn't go to prison.
Nov 15th 2010 19:36   
Dave Gilbert Senior   Web Entreprenuer
but that is the whole point kooday does not deliver quality traffic and the fact you got paid does not make it a legitimate opportunity the whole kooday model is based on speculation and is little more than a hyip/ponzi scheme, there is no distribution network for niche targeting and ultimately people will lose money as it's promises are broken you could get in early on any scam and make money but it doesn't make it legal to do so
Nov 15th 2010 19:39   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional Premium   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
WHY does someone use a search engine? What is it that the SEARCHER WANTS when they type something into that search bar? If you can understand that then you can understand WHY this does not work.

The searcher wants RELEVANT RESULTS on what THEY are searching for and they don't give a good cahoot about your keywords or anything else. The only thing that they are concerned with is the RESULTS.

There is a world of difference in getting a page full of relevant results That may come with related ads in a side bar menu and pages full of unrelated junk just because someone linked their site to a keyword.

When the SEARCHER uses Kooday and gets back pages of garbage results they are not coming back. Without a loyal following of searchers REGULARLY using your search engine, you don't get advertisers willing to spend the dollars needed to keep your search engine up and running. You don't get the advertisers and guess what? That money you all are talking about getting paid disappears. Nothing complicated about it, it's called common sense.

Pointing fingers at someone who says your product does not work when it doesn't and claiming that they are promoting other search engines is not going to change things. The only thing that will change things is to fix your product.

I don't see that. I see a lot of people pointing fingers and accusing but I don't see any of you trying to get Kooday to fix the basic flaw that is Kooday's undoing, a search engine that will not give the users of the product what they need and want-RELEVANT RESULTS.

All the arguing, posturing excuses and finger pointing only makes Kooday look bad and the Kooday cheerleaders look worse.
Nov 15th 2010 21:46   
Steven Cetta Advanced   INERTIA4
These sites seem interesting. I will look into them and maybe I will join at least one of them. Thanks for the information.
Nov 16th 2010 07:22   
Dave Gilbert Senior   Web Entreprenuer
And that is exactly the problem even with overwhelming evidence that something is a scam and you will lose your shirt you still get people that are willing to walk right into their trap with both eyes open hoping to score and get out before the sky falls in.. what is this world coming too are people that desperate they have to risk everything including their freedom in the vain hope that they can beat the scammers ?
Nov 16th 2010 07:39   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional Premium   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
It's called Jack and the Beanstalk Syndrome. They keep thinking that they are going to get magic beans for that cow instead of plain old beans.
Nov 16th 2010 08:08   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional Premium   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
The really sad part about the whole thing is the constant "It's in beta" argument. I guess that no one using that argument understands that the 'beta'phase is the time that all viable search engines are actively building their user base.

That is the time when you want someone to use your search engine and be happy with it so they spread the word and refer that search engine to their friends. I still remember the buzz on Dogpile, Ask (Jeeves) etc. A lot of people flocked to those search engines. and when people got used to the a lot stopped coming but they maintained enough of those who came in the BETA phase to keep them afloat now.

Kooday's search engine is actively turning users away because it does not work. Users see that and they are not coming back. Word is spreading on this one, and the word is NOT good.
Nov 16th 2010 08:17   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Only the people who see it as a money-making opportunity and not a SE keep hoping it will keep its promises, whatever those are.

The so-called percentage of progress is increasing by 1 % a day. At this rate, we still have 2 weeks to wait for Kooday to be ready.
Nov 16th 2010 08:26   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional Premium   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
I don't know, because any users who might have used it as a search engine are long gone off to greener pastures where they can find a search engine that works.
Nov 16th 2010 08:28   
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