Task Campaign : Sometime not getting credit

by Shaal M. Software Developer

Task Campaigns (Get paid to complete tasks)

I finished many task but sometime I do not get credit for finishing my task.

It is bug at apsense and need improvement for getting credit for task campaign.

When we got notification like "Approved your campaign submission." and/or "Congratulations! You won the campaign.". In same notification, if we got message like suppose your old credit = 30 and after approved your campaign submission , your new total credit is 50.  So, we can know , we got credit for this task completion, otherwise we can not able to know , for which task completion , we got credits.

If you have same problem like me, just post comment here and promote this message for improvement of task campaign credit.

Recently, I took two task campaign and for both task campaign, I am approved but my credit does not increase.
I post screenshot here for one task campaign. My credit is 35 before task approved.

Check again

Check the time ( Indian Standard Time)

It is 8/11/2010 00:28 am, I have 35 credits in my account(Indian Standard Time).

Now, my task campaign is approved within few minutes. But, credit does not increase. It means I have same 35 credits. I did not join any quick campaign. I do not use any credits.

Check here.


Now, it is almost one hour finished but credits remain same. Means 35 credits.

Now, check the time again. 8/11/2010 , 01:31 am (Indian Standard Time).

Still have same 35 credits. Where is credits, what I earned through task campaign.

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Wincer Song Magnate II Deluxe   Founder
Thanks for your report.

We will take a look on it.

And sort it out.
Nov 6th 2010 08:11   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional Premium   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
The task campaign credit is given automatically when the campaign creator approves you submission. With quick campaigns it's done quickly, with the add comment campaign the campaign creator can later decline that submission meaning you lose credits.

With all other campaigns you must be sure that you actually perform the task, not just pit something in the task result box. If your submission is approved you get the credits. If you win the campaign you get the credits.

The issuing of credits is done automatically and the only reason that you would not get them is if your submission is declined.
Nov 6th 2010 08:15   
Shaal M. Committed   Software Developer

I need complete report for my all finished task campaign. How can I know, for which task, I got credit. Can you able to add some extra page with "All credit History".
Nov 6th 2010 08:16   
Shaal M. Committed   Software Developer
@pplcheryl63 First thing quick campaign and task campaign is different. I do not have problem with quick campaign, because it runs smooth.

But in new credit system... that's called task campaign ..... many times I approved for my task and I also win the task campaign but I did not credits. And may be same problems with others... If you approved for task and winner your some task ... why did not get credits.
Best thing so that credit with message notification... as i wrote.. your old credit and your new credit. So, it is not any problem with any users.
Nov 6th 2010 08:21   
Ahsan Ali Advanced   
yeah me also get the same problem..please admin solve this problem
Nov 6th 2010 08:27   
Shaal M. Committed   Software Developer
If it is done automatically means when you got notification with approved task campaign ... you got credit right ??? But, I have this problem.

I got notification with approved task campaign but not receive credits for some campaign. So, can you tell how much time, it should take?
Nov 6th 2010 08:29   
Marko S. Professional   Web Presence Provider
I don't see anything like that. I've alway been credited for task.
Nov 6th 2010 09:38   
Ahsan Ali Advanced   
I get the credited Only Quick Task compaing ...And not get the Credit Task Compaign .....
Nov 6th 2010 09:42   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional Premium   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
Okay let me ask you this. Are seeing that someone approved your campaign submission and you look over and the credits are still the same? Try refreshing the page. They often are not reflected in the total until you have refreshed the page or have gone to another back and then come back to your home page.

I have noticed that several times, my credit total remains the same until the page is refreshed or reloaded.
Nov 6th 2010 09:55   
Thanapoom L. Li Committed   Tintin in Thailand
thats good,especially for the admins and hope that we can get some revenue with their earnings with google too
Nov 6th 2010 10:47   
Shaal M. Committed   Software Developer

After several refreshing and go to home page and again check credit, it remained same credit. It only happends with task campaign not for quick campaign.

if system provides addition page with "Earn credit and Use credit" information.
Nov 6th 2010 11:56   
Walter Pearson Magnate I   REI; Internet and Social Media Enthusiast; Stock a
It's good any consistency is pointed out - I haven't had an issue with these as of yet. Keep in mind this is a relatively new feature at APSense, and as I like to say, 'If tech was easy, everybody'd be doin' it!'

Keep up the great work, Wincer - and thanks @shaal, for the post!
Nov 6th 2010 13:30   
Ahsan Ali Advanced   
Wincer solve ur problem soon i think ........
Nov 7th 2010 13:35   
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