So You Think Competition Is Not For You?

by Cynthia Slick Associate
I guess if your selling a pink elephant but your disguising it like a pretty white kitten then yes competition is bad.  However if your business is transparent and you have nothing to hide and it is legit.  Then competition is what you want.  Competition drives the consumer to buy and it also drives prices up.  So competition is a good thing.  Competition in all demensions like product features, support services, delivery time, brand image improves customer value thus it is less likely to erode provitability.

Rivalry can be a postitive sum.  You have customers coming from different segments all having a need that needs to be met.  Walk into any retail store.  Do you see only one brand for all the different items they offer or do you see several different brands all at several different prices all meeting the same need?  Yet because every customer comes from a different segment they all sell.  How about fast food.  Only one chain?  No several different chains.  Gas stations?  Sometimes four on every corner of America.  Ask yourself this question how do they all survive?

Its simple.  If you understand one thing transparency.  You know what they are selling.  How much they are selling it for and what need they are meeting.  The only thing left to you is choice.  You can choice the cheapest you can choose the most expensive.  Guess what either way you know what you are getting. 

In comes internet marketing.  So do you want to make a million dollars in the internet marketing field.  It is possible if you keep this simple principle in mind.  Can you see all the demensions of the business you are about to market.  If not stay away.  Know the company and I mean really know.  One of the marvels of the internet is everything is searchable.  Find out who the CEO and President are of the company.  Do they have experience are they ethical?  Or are they difficult if not impossible to find out about?  How about the product or service does it meet the needs of many?  Would you buy it?  Why would you buy it?  Would you keep buying it.  Is it a real product?    If any of these question keep you guessing then guess what you will keep  guessing when it comes to that pay check too.  I tell my readers often enough it is a jungle out there.  There are many ways to make money on the internet.  Some are good some are bad.  The good will be around for years to come.  The bad will last a minute or two disappear and reappear as something else to take good people's money.  Becareful out there educate yourself.  We live in an era where that is easier then ever before.  Be safe.  All for now.  Cindy

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Louise Venison Senior   TE owner, affiliate marketer
I'm not sure whether this was about competition or transparency. It seems to change part way through. Maybe you should split it into 2 separate blogs?

The only thing I would say about competition is that it drives prices down, not up, as the more competition there is in a particular product range, the more likely it is someone will choose to make price their unique selling point.
Oct 23rd 2010 12:20   
Nnamdi A. Magnate III   Internet Marketer
Competition leads to better options for the buyers. This includes choice, prices, conditions, etc.

Competition leads to variety which feeds choice.
Oct 23rd 2010 13:11   
Cynthia Slick Advanced   Associate
Sorry Louise but it is not two different articles it is about competition and you have nothing to worry about with competition if you are transparant. Also the free enterprise system is based on competition and it does drive prices up. It is good old american consumerism.
Oct 23rd 2010 17:30   
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