Cash Gopher - The answer to scam riot

by Gabor Bordas Company Pro.

What CashGopher is, and what CashGopher isn't


First of all, thanks to all of the users who have tried out CashGopher over the last week and made it a (for the most part) successful launch!

There have been thousands of users who have already downloaded and installed CashGopher who are now successfully letting their computer make money for them.

However, there is also a large group of potential users who appear interested in CashGopher, but are concerned about what might be installed on their computer. Our users have done a great job promoting CashGopher on blogs, Facebook, myLot, and many other websites. While much of the information shared on these websites is based upon fact, some of it has been incorrect as well. Understandably, this has caused confusion and made it more difficult for potential users to make the decision to give CashGopher a try.

We have tried to address much of this in our FAQ on this website, but there?s obviously still work to be done.

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Q: Is it true that CashGopher installs viruses and/or unwanted spyware on my computer?

Absolutely false!

Now, obviously it does install software. It also installs browser plugins. The sole purpose of both the software and the browser plugins is to make you money. Period. 

Currently, the best way to make you money is through advertising. The more money we can generate through advertising, the more money we can pay back to you. Once we gain a critical mass of CashGopher installations, companies will also be able to design more complex projects that harness the huge computing power (think ?chores? from the FAQ) of the CashGopher network. This will generate additional revenues that get paid to CashGopher users.

Advertisers are willing to pay more money for targeted advertising than they are un-targeted advertising. The best way to ?target? what you may be interested in is by identifying what you are browsing at any given time. Google, Facebook, and most other major companies target their advertising the exact same way.

If it makes you uncomfortable that software or a website could use your browsing habits to serve you advertising, then we suggest you not install (or uninstall) CashGopher. But let us also then suggest that you not use Google, delete your Facebook account, and basically not visit any web page that serves third-party advertising, because they are all doing this same thing.

Keep in mind however, that (as outlined in our privacy policy) we don?t store any of this information.

Now, if you?re OK to the idea of being served targeted advertising while online, then keep using the internet as you do now. But if you?d like to make money from those targeted advertisements, then you should give CashGopher a try.

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Q: Is it true that CashGopher replaces the ads of other websites with CashGopher ads?

We briefly experimented with this technology, but have since disabled it. If you?re still seeing ad replacements, then clear your browser?s cache and restart your browser.

We feel that users should have the right to control what?s on their computer, and that includes advertisements. Given the fact that everybody who installs CashGopher is interested in making money, we thought they would rather see ads that make them money than ads that make somebody else money.

The technology to disable a website?s advertisements has been around forever. There are many popular ?ad blockers? from companies like Norton that do this. Our technology took this one step further and replaced the disabled ads with ads that make money for CashGopher users.

Based upon feedback from CashGopher users, we found that the vast majority of people would rather be served ads that make them more money. However, a small, but important group of users (blog owners and webmasters) expressed their concern because of potential lost revenues on their end.

While the potential negative impact on those webmasters is miniscule compared to the impact of the popular ad blockers from Norton and others, we definitely don?t want to alienate our users who own web sites or run blogs. These users are extremely important to us, and as a result this technology has been disabled.

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Q: Does this mean less money for CashGopher users?

Probably in the short-term, but not in the long-term.

As we gain popularity and as our user base grows, that will allow more advertisers to come on board. The more advertisers we have on board, the more money our users will make.

Q: Is it true that users from the United States, Australia and the UK make more money than users from other countries like India and China?

Yes, this is true. Payout rates are all driven by advertising revenues in any given country. As detailed in our FAQ, advertisers are currently willing to pay significantly more for targeted advertising to users in certain countries like the United States.

We are constantly looking for new partners to help our users from countries other than the US, UK and Australia make more money.

Keep in mind that CashGopher is brand new and will evolve over time. As we gain more users, it will increase our chances of obtaining higher payout rates for our users.

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Q: Is it true that CashGopher slows my computer down?

It shouldn?t.

Most of the initial bugs have been worked out by now.

If you?re experiencing any issues, we recommend you contact us here:

Q: Are any users going to make the $10 minimum payout this first month?

Definitely. There will be many members who get paid in October for September earnings. We will have all payments completed by October 15.

Our most successful users are those who have promoted CashGopher heavily and have generated multiple referrals.

Q: Anything else?

That?s it for now.

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