Who is DEVASTATING the PageRank of Your website?

by Rob aka Cerberus Better World Partisan
People increasingly use social sites and sites that are built by user contributions. There are so many great things that resulted from this (one of the popular reference sources is Wikipedia which is built by millions of users). However, there are some serious consequences caused by the introduction of "nofollow" that many people are not aware of.

Internet is rapidly going thru a PageRank concentration process
(equivalent to the real world capitalization where few people own most capital).
PageRank is a very important factor that Google uses in determining where your site will rank when someone searches for relevant words. (why care about Google? 70% of searches are done with Google.) PageRank roughly tells how many other sites link to yours, and therefore how "important" your site is.

How is this PageRank capitalization happening?
Each site and blog owner is contributing to this unknowingly and voluntarily.
Do any of these look familiar?
Social Bookmarks

Most blogs and sites have at least few of these on almost every single page. Not a single one of these buttons has "nofollow", meaning that people give a very good chunk of their site?s importance to these social sites (hint: importance that you give to these buttons is importance taken away from other internal links on your site).

Most of the social sites however, do have "nofollow" by default on all external links (also the links pointing back to peoples sites after users link to them for being good).

Conclusion: people give them a lot of credit on almost every page, while these sites give nothing in return.

For example, bookmark your new site "" at "". If you google for "example123", page about it (with no content but the link and title) will be on top, while your site (with actual content) that you searched for will be below. Imagine what effect this PageRank capitalization has when you search for things other than your domain name!

The solution
Start giving priority to sites that are SEO-friendly (APSense, IMFaceplate, Sokule, ... to name just a few of my favorites). The easiest way to recognise them is by using Free SEO Toolbox Browser Add-on with "Highlight Nofollow" function turned ON.

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Cindy Bolley Magnate II Premium   HHCTB?
Thanks Rob
Interesting and very informative.
Sep 5th 2010 10:13   
Edward Muwonge Junior  
WOW! Resourceful information Big hugs! Thank you very much.
Sep 5th 2010 10:50   
Anon E. Professional   Internet Ninja
Yes, very useful info Rob.

Sep 5th 2010 11:37   
Neno Crvelin Professional   SMO and SEM
Thank you Rob very useful and interesting information that you share with us.
Sep 5th 2010 16:30   
Jan aka Jaz Green Senior   
Thanks Rob. PageRank for Internet hits can be helpful for advertising purposes. Popularity draws visitors and visitors often get side-tracked out of curiosity.

Internet markketing is ... Gettin Better by the Tic Toc
Sep 5th 2010 17:00   
Rob aka Cerberus Magnate II Pro   Better World Partisan
Unfortunately, APSense members do not seem to value the opportunity to get links without "nofollow" to their sites from content pages here - why else would they consequently use URL-shorteners even to their own domains?!
Sep 14th 2010 07:01   
Jan aka Jaz Green Senior   
Robert, this is why I prefer to meet and greet as many LIVE Internet User I can and simply ask them to search for my
Internet nickname "JazLive" ~~ preferrably on

PageRank is something I am not interested in at this time.
I am more interested in REAL VISITORS not surfing robots and
some of the 'surfing robots are real people on a merry-go-round.
Sep 15th 2010 10:34   
Harold Baughman Professional   
Good info, Rob.....

Sep 15th 2010 10:39   
Katrina O. Professional   Indiana Water Filters
Great information Rob! Very helpful in understanding what is going on with page ranking.
Sep 24th 2010 17:42   
Dawie Bezuidenhout Professional   Systems Engineer I.T.
Hi Rob, as usual, a Top post from you. I learned something new about Firefox, i am going to use that plugin for sure.
Thanks for the great info.
Sep 24th 2010 17:51   
Pete Balasch Jr. Magnate I   Internet Marketer Pod caster
Great Information
Sep 24th 2010 17:54   
Andy Anderson Professional   Owner Yuma Bloggers
If you follow Google blog they say with Caffeine, page rank and meta data have zero impact now on their actual search placements and the named system Google Page Rank itself will completely vanish by 2012 for a more appropriate website popularity, so as not to continue this confusion.

Nofollow tags though are still a evil business conducted by the selfish and designed under the false assumption that outgoing links somehow lost you PR. Guaranteed there would be several products to follow on this rumor for detecting who uses nofollow tags and finding sites for linking that didn't have them. Millions have been earned on the nofollow effect based on someone's lie.

Nofollow tags have 2 main negatives though. Directories and government sites etc.. become what is known as authority site status. It is awarded based on 1. their content, and 2. the number of related content rich resources they link to. If you use nofollow tags you may never gain authority status without human editing. The other major drawback is in proper and accurate indexing of the web.

See when search spiders can follow links and relationships of information our systems can tell what actually relates to something else by the number of times it is sited by others in that niche as an authoritative post. What's left after nofollow is mostly social networking and bookmarking which is often manipulated by paid services as a source for proper indexing. I can pay 200,000 users to tweet about Kooiii Search with a link to search results for bananas using the tag #bananas and drive you bananas by getting an endless loop of search results for bananas once other engines realize how much traffic bananas are getting me and how popular this fruit is. Kooii wouldn't be any more about bananas we would still be a search engine but man the search result will not even be close to what you wanted.

Sep 24th 2010 17:59   
Nnamdi A. Magnate III   Internet Marketer
Rob from HU EU, thanks for this informative post.

Just as you asked, why would I shorten the url I own? Ignorance!

What I do instead is I use my own domains to mask my affiliate urls [when I choose to do so] so I also promote my domains at the same time. Benefits are when you build a website around it, it will not be treated as new website by search engines as well as visibility on the internet.

For example, if is loaded with new content unrelated to what they are doing now, the website will still receive as much traffic as the original google website.

I used to have a website that I am no longer using. At the time of the usage, it ranked at at about 3million+. Now, the content is no longer there and I am just using the url to mask an affiliate url but the rank has not materially changed for about 1 year now.

summary of my rant: make more use of your own domain names. You can use it to mask your affiliate urls as I am doing. Contact me if you want to know how.
Oct 8th 2010 07:16   
Katrina O. Professional   Indiana Water Filters
very interesting...thank you very much! I will be using that plugin!
Oct 8th 2010 09:17   
Harold Baughman Professional   

e-mail me on the info you just described

Oct 8th 2010 09:28   
Marvin Whitehead Jr. Magnate I   Internet Marketer
Rod,thanks good information..
Oct 8th 2010 09:35   
Patty d. Senior   Promotor OJS
Great post Rob, very good info, thanks for sharing :)
Oct 8th 2010 14:10   
Andy Anderson Professional   Owner Yuma Bloggers
Bron, the Alexa rank is judged more on the traffic, the Alexa can remain low as long as traffic flows through but the Google PR vanishes after several months as a un-mapped re-direct. If possible you can redirect and maintain or improve PR if the program you are pointing to has domain mapping which basically creates a virtual mirror on the second domain.
Oct 9th 2010 01:08   
Rob aka Cerberus Magnate II Pro   Better World Partisan
Thanks to ALL for the comments and contribution to the subject!
May 23rd 2011 07:55   
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