Reasons to Get Lasik Eye Surgery

by Dr.Ghosheh scotti LASIK, laser operation

There are many reasons to get Southern California Lasik surgery; however, many people do so for cosmetic reasons. There are actually several reasons that people get Lasik. It can be a big change and make a positive impact in one?s life.

Some simply want to be able to see without glasses. As a glasses wearer, one is faced with certain difficulties. For example, when swimming, one cannot wear their glasses so they have to deal with their nearsightedness in the water. Contacts can be a solution to this, but aren?t recommended because they can fall out in the water very easily. In addition, many people simply want to wake up in the morning or lie in bed at night comfortably and be able to see comfortably. People who don?t need glasses take for granted the ability to see without any aid.

When it comes to finding a Lasik surgeon Orange County residents often are looking to improve their appearance. Many people do not like how glasses look on their face. Although glasses can be seen as an accessory to compliment one?s outfit, many people consider coordinating with glasses as an added burden to their daily routine. Both men and women can be very fashion conscious and many make the decision to get Lasik surgery to look and feel better about themselves.

Athletes have an added interest in getting Lasik surgery because both glasses and contacts can hinder their athletic ability. Some glasses wearers add a strap to the back of their glasses in order to keep them in place. Although this is often successful, it can still hinder them during sporting events, especially high contact ones such as basketball or football. In addition, swimmers obviously cannot wear glasses during a competition. Even wearing contacts can make playing sports difficult. If sweat gets into your eyes or you get hit by something in the face, the contact can easily pop out. With Lasik surgery, athletes never have to worry about these problems. For this reason, it is become an increasingly popular way for competitive athletes to improve in their sport.

When looking for laser vision correction Orange County residents are often concerned with their jobs. Although wearing glasses or contacts is not a problem for most office jobs, some people work in jobs where good vision is essential. For example, if someone is working in the military, glasses can hinder one from performing vital tasks. In cases such as this, correct vision can mean the difference between life and death. For this reason, the air force does not recruit people who do not have good vision without glasses or contacts.

If looking for an eye surgeon Orange County residents have many options. A Board certified Lasik surgeon can do wonders for one?s self esteem and career!

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