How to charge the battery to the laptop?

by annyhaiyan
Statistics chip power consumption records through the discharge curve (voltage, current,Compaq Presario NX9010 Battery time) can calculate the sample battery power, this is what we read about in the Battery Information wh. Value. The lithium-ion batteries used in many post-discharge curve will change, if the chip has been no opportunity to once again read out a complete discharge curve, the calculated power is not accurate. So we need to calibrate the battery charge and discharge of deep chips.

Although the lithium-ion batteries are nickel-cadmium batteries few memory effect, memory effect is the principle of crystallization in lithium battery will not produce such a reaction, almost. However, lithium-ion battery capacity after repeated charge and discharge will continue to decline, its causes are complex and diverse. Mainly positive and negative changes in the material itself, from the molecular level, the positive and negative electrodes of lithium ion on the hole to accommodate the structure will gradually collapse, blocking; from a chemical point of view, is the active anode material is passive, there's the other side to form a stable compounds. Cathode material physics will appear gradually falling off, etc. In short, can ultimately reduce the battery charge and discharge process of free movement in the lithium-ion number.

2. A period of time can do under the control of a protection circuit to correct the deep charge battery discharge statistics, but it will not improve your battery's actual capacity;

Not suitable for the temperature, will lead to an internal lithium-ion batteries produce other chemical reactions of compounds that we do not want to see, so many of the lithium ion battery between the positive and negative temperature with protective membrane or electrolyte additives. The battery temperature to a certain situation, composite membrane electrolyte membrane hole closed or degeneration, increased battery internal resistance until the circuit, the battery will not heat up, to ensure the battery temperature is normal.

Lithium-ion battery cathode materials are usually composed of active compounds of lithium, anode is a special molecular structure of carbon. Common cathode material mainly composed of LiCoO2, charging, plus the battery cathode polarization of the electric potential to force release of lithium-ion compounds, embedded negative elements arranged in lamellar structure of carbon. Discharge,Asus M6000 Battery the lithium-ion from the lamellar structure of the carbon in precipitation, and positive re-combination of compounds. Lithium-ion mobile rise to a current.

3. A long time without the battery, should be placed on a cool place to weaken its own internal passive reaction speed;

The deep charge and discharge can improve the practical capacity of lithium-ion batteries it? Experts clearly told me that this is meaningless. They even said that the so-called three full charge up before using the "activation" in their knowledge of where the two doctors, also need to figure out what this. But why so many people of deep charge and discharge capacity after the Battery Information will change in labeling it? Will be mentioned later.

Main control chip, battery charge control the charging process. Lithium-ion battery charging process is divided into two phases, constant current fast charge phase (when the battery indicator light yellow) and reduced voltage current phase (the battery indicator light flashes green. Constant current fast charge phase, the battery voltage is gradually increased to the standard battery voltage, then under the control chip into the constant pressure phase, the voltage will not rise to ensure that no over charge and current as the battery level gradually decreased up to 0, and the final charge.

4. The protection circuit is also able to monitor the battery self-discharge, long-term without the battery, should be pumped into the power to prevent the battery self-discharge in storage in the discharge of excessive lead to excessive damage.

Although the chemical reaction principle is very simple, but in the actual industrial production,Asus A42-M6 Battery the practical problems need to be considered much more: cathode material additives required to repeatedly charge and discharge to maintain the activity of anode materials at the molecular structure level required to design to accommodate more lithium-ion; fill in the electrolyte between the positive and negative, in addition to stability, but also has good electrical conductivity and reduce the battery internal resistance.

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