Some Of The Benefits Of Using Scentsy Warmers

by David Howel
Give the Scentsy warmers a try the next time you want to make your home smell great. Candles are used to set a mood as far as lighting and smell, whether for a dinner party or for an intimate dinner for two. The same can be done with the warmers. The scents come in 80 varieties from cinnamon to flowers to mint. If you need one for your office they can be used there as well. They will appear to be part of the office decor. Some are small enough to plug right into a socket.

The wax for the warmers are made of paraffin. The same wax is used for hand treatments to soften hands. The wax melts at a low temperature of just 125 degrees. It will never get hot enough to burn so is safe around pets and children. With a lit candle there is always the possibility that someone or something will get burned. The temperature of a candle flame can be up to 20 times more than the temperature of the warmer wax.

A burning candle is the source of thousands of fires in homes every year. One time forgetting to blow out a candle can cause a fire. The wicks need to be trimmed or the flame can get much higher than the candle holder. There cannot be anything within two feet of a candle or it could cause a family serious injury or even their lives.

The warmer does not use a flame, just a 20-25 watt electric bulb in the mid sized and full sized warmers. A 15 watt bulb is used in the plug in warmer. The bottom of the warmer is where you insert the bulb. This bulb heats the wax slowly. The wax is made to melt at a low temperature to make the safe. A higher wattage bulb is not needed. The top of the warmer is open with a bowl shape. This is where the candle blocks are placed. The base has small holes that allow the light to be seen. It gives the area it sits in a warm glow.

The soot, smoke and fumes associated with burning candles can exacerbate the breathing issues of some. Some can't light a candle for even a few minutes. Wickless candles are a good alternative. The wax for the warmers will provide scent for up to 80 hours, all without the issues of wick burning candles.

Many companies have tried to address those customer with a sensitivity to soot, fumes and smoke produced by candles. This is usually done by promoting 100% cotton wicks or a vegetable based wax but in reality it still has to be burned. This will lessen the effects but the warmer can eliminates them altogether.

Whatever room in your home these warmers are placed there is one that will fit the room. They are available in many different colors and shapes and sizes. Some have raised artistic designs. There are rub on transfers that allow you to make a custom design on your warmer. College sports fans can get a warmer in their teams colors and with their logo.

Cleaning them is simple and easy. While the wax is still melted you can pour it out of the top and wipe it clean. Another choice is to let it harden the pull it out as one piece and wipe the top clean. When burning a candle when it is done the holder is usually blackened and not always something you want to keep. Scentsy warmers are safe and easy to clean making them a great alternative.

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