10 Ways To Win With Resell Rights

by Grace Tran Network Marketer, Online Mentor
BY Stuart Reid

Buying software and ebooks with Resell Rights means you have full control over the product, including the profits, without the hassle of creating it yourself.

The problem is EVERYONE is doing it. To really make the most of Resell Rights you have to use every `trick` in the book. Try these Top 10 Methods for starters!

Be Early
If you can promote quickly, as soon as a product is available, so much the better. This way the item is still `fresh` and in theory you'll get more sales, since not many people are selling it. This `honeymoon period` doesn't last long - so to make this work you must promote heavily, far and wide, and quickly.

Be Late!
Strange as it may seem you can also promote older products AFTER the `big rush`! When a new package with resell-rights is launched it goes through three distinct periods. First, as mentioned in step 1, the item is promoted by the early adopters. Then, everyone else catches on and it seems to be everywhere. Finally the product remains on websites but is not promoted heavily, a good time for you to press for the sales...

This a very popular method to distribute resell-rights products. Bundle them together, perhaps create your own e-book or software to distribute them. This way you can promote the `new` product that no-one else is.

Be Exclusive
If you can get resell rights with some kind of limited or exclusive deal from the products creator this is almost as good as creating it yourself. The product retains it freshness that much longer and you'll have almost no competition. Even if a product doesn't come with Resell Rights you can always contact the author and make an offer. You'd be surprised how well this works.

Buy Cheap
The pile-it-high sell-it-cheap philosophy can be damaging to the Resell Rights market, but the bonus is you've bought the products so cheaply you're almost guaranteed a profit. They won't be large profits, but if you're selling 100's of different items it can add up. There are many sources of these products, including eBay - and the `price fixing` laws (if you interpret them this way) means the author may have trouble enforcing minimum-price policies.

Giveaway / Rebrand
Some products let you rebrand them, usually to make money on the `back end`. This way it doesn't actually matter if you're giving away the package or selling it ultra-cheaply, since the up-front profit isn't your main goal. Some packages are truly viral and can spread amazingly quickly - carrying your links with them.

One-Time Offers
This is another method of profiting from the back-end. Directly after your customer has purchased or downloaded the main product, quickly offer another with the promise that the offer is only good if taken advantage of immediately. These one-time offers have a higher response rate than usual and if the deal is good enough you should expect solid sales. You often find extra bundles or discounts offered this way.

With an upgrade system you can giveaway cut-down or limited packages and software with a method of upgrading within the application itself. That way you can spread the free/limited software widely, hopefully having others give them away for you. Again, works with bundles - upgrade for extra software - or with time-limited trial software. It's been a common method within the shareware industry for years.

Since you effectively own the packages with Resell Rights you are free to make deals with other marketers. Usually, this involves a revenue-share of some kind, most commonly an Affiliate Program. That way they can market the product, and you both make a profit.

Build Your Own
Perhaps the ultimate way to "Win With Resale Rights" is to create your own product and grant these rights for it. That way you can embed back-end opportunities into the product and watch while others sell it. You can even grant limited-rights to select marketers for a premium, or sell the Resale Rights at more than the product price -- effectively creating a upgrade path for the item.


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