About Wealth Creations Network

by Barry Barrington

If I told you that you could make a Large Passive income without spending any money out of your pocket, you would probably want to know how. Or, you may want to know what I mean by "Passive Income" Well let me answer both of these questions. First, what is a passive income? Passive Income - Earnings an individual derives from an enterprise in which he or she is not actively involved. In other words a passive income is an income that pays you regularly, for doing nothing. Well that is nothing after setting it up.

As for how this works, it?s simple.

Point 1) Many companies looking for advertisement will offer free or greatly discounted trials of their product or products. But, they still need to get the word out, and for this, they turn to affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketers are paid handsomely for getting people to try these products. As an incentive to try these products, the affiliate marketer may offer to split the profits with the consumer. In this case, the company gets its product seen, the affiliate marketer is paid, and the consumer gets to try a new product, as well as being paid themselves. Everyone is happy, especially if the consumer likes and keeps the product. This is called Incentive Marketing.

Two great examples of products, and services marketed in this way are NetFlix, and Video Professor.

Point 2) There are legitimate opportunities out there that offer a stable, passive income, but require large investments, like Concept Marketing International. CMI charges a large amount of money per month, but has an even larger return. Even so, the simple fact is this; to most of us, the $100 investment needed to get started might as well be $1,000,000 because we simply do not have it.

So, what does all this have to do with me? Well, once upon a time, a brilliant young Incentive Marketer named Selina Brantley saw the problems with the "average Joe" making an online income, and decided to do something about it. She founded Wealth Creations Network. WCN is a wealth builders club. What WCN does is, combine the best parts of points one and two, while removing the downfalls. To join, you will be asked to take part in some trial offers, and recruit only six like-minded people to follow you. When I say like-minded people, I mean people like you that want to change their lives for the better, who want a future with the financial freedom. But do not necessarily have the funds to invest. When you have completed your offers and your six like minded referrals have also completed their offers you will receive a Prepaid Visa credit card with $30 to $45 dollars already on it. (The card itself has many benefits) The trial offers will cost little to nothing, and are the way WCN helps you build the cash needed to participate in larger income streams, like CMI. Everything used in WCN is free. Free tools, Free software, free step-by-step videos, and even free one on one walk through by email, IM, and yes, by phone. This is brilliant, and I cannot thank Selina enough for this system.

Therefore, here are the basics.

Sign up (FREE)

Take advantage of a few trial offers (from companies like NetFlix, or Video Professor)

Receive many free e-books of your choice

Get six like minded people to follow you

Receive a pre-paid Visa (already loaded with $30 to $45)

Make a large passive income for the rest of your life.

FREE tools & software. FREE 1 on 1 mentoring via Email, IM, or phone

In addition, FREE weekly Wealth Accelerator Events via internet conferencing.

WCN will never require you to spend one red cent out of your pocket

If you are in the US and this sounds good to you, please follow this link and sign up

Thank you for your time


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