Who is Boss, You or Your PC?

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i have to say that between me and my computer, my computer seems to be boss. i have had this little piece now for almost a year. i should be thankful because it was given to me for free, as a gift. don't get me wrong, i am thankful. it is the gift that keeps on giving. not only do i have a laptop, i also have something else in my life that will train me to have patience, and get through the day with out smoking. things like that are priceless, because i don't get enough training on how to be patient during the day. lol. you could always use a good dose of being pushed to kill someone, at least 5 times a day. after all, i have to remember that i am not the boss. i am not in control. i fall up under the jurisdiction of forces beyond my control.

this is need to remember when i am sitting in front of a blank, slow stalling computer screen. i am the one being trained here. it's the computer that presses my buttons, not the other way around. it will do what ever it wants to do whenever it wants to do it. i just have to deal with it. if i look at the bright side. having a computer that goes non responsive, after 2 clicks of a mouse can be a good thing, after all. just think, if i had a fast connection. i would be in front of the computer all day getting things done! god forbid! this way, i am forced to get up and be away from the computer every hour on the hour, for at least 30 minutes while the computer freezes. hell, i can take a bath, go cook, clean a room in my house, do laundry...lots of stuff. anything, but computer.

another benefit to having a lemon pc is that you never know where your mouse might take you, without you even really clicking it. lol. my computer has high lighted things for me that i never even intended myself. it just kind of does it on it's own. isn't that cool? just think of all the things that i never would know that this computer CAN do. lol.

anyway, my computer is boss and i love it. just love it to death. and when the death part comes to this computer. i will miss it so dearly. everytime i am dealing with my new functioning computer, i think about how much work i wouldn't be getting done on this old one. lol. some people may say that they have computers that they want to throw in the dumpster. i say, get over yourself and recognize who is in charge. YOUR PC. if it has a problem, then the problem is with you. that is what my pc has taught me. it taught me that it wasn't just some piece of thing that i can just boss around at my rim. my pc doesn't belong in the dumpster. i have better places in mind for my pc, but none of them on planet earth are good enough for it.

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Jan aka Jaz Green Senior   
I am the Boss :) My computers are not allowed to think for me ~ they are for enhancing my creativity. They are not allowed to remember logins; cut themselves on nor off automatically ~ my computers are allowed to store and retrieve info.

Have a Winning Day :)
Feb 28th 2010 15:44   
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i like that! lol a women who takes charge. thank you so much for the response.
Feb 28th 2010 18:34   
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