How to Buy a Pulse Oximeter?

by Sunny Leee

A pulse oximeter is an electronic device that non-invasively measures the oxygen levels in a person’s bloodstream. Large, expensive models predominantly are used in hospitals, but portable, less-expensive models can fit in a shirt pocket. Buying a pulse oximeter, even a relatively inexpensive one, is a serious investment worth putting some serious thought into. With some careful shopping, you can make sure you’ll be satisfied with your purchase.

1. Consider the needs of the user. In general, uses for a pulse oximeter are blood monitoring for someone with a medical issue and blood monitoring for someone engaging in strenuous activity. If the user is most likely to need blood-oxygen monitoring while lying in bed, a non-portable and sophisticated model may be more appropriate. If the user only requires occasional blood-oxygen monitoring and is often on-the-go, a less-expensive, portable model is more appropriate. Many athletes use these devices when training in high altitudes.

2. Determine your budget. The most expensive pulse oximeters, the kinds used in hospitals, can cost several thousand dollars. The least expensive versions, which are usually small, self-contained and designed to clip right on the end of the user’s finger, can cost under $100.

3. Ask the advice of a health professional who is familiar with the needs of the user. In the case of medical patients, the person’s physician should be consulted about recommended devices. For athletes, personal trainers or coaches would be the most appropriate persons to ask.

4. Browse the pulse oximeters for sale online to get a better idea of the range of products and prices. The best places to browse are shopping sites like Amazon, fitness-equipment sites and sites for medical-monitoring equipment. You can find links to some of these sites in the Resources section below. When you see pages with pulse oximeters you would consider buying, add them to your browser’s bookmarks.

5. Read user reviews of all the pulse oximeters you’d consider. This may be one of the most helpful steps because you’ll get to learn about people’s experiences with the devices in their own words. If you notice specific problems arising frequently for the users of one particular product, you may want to be wary. Conversely, if the reviews are consistently strong, it may be all of the information you need to choose one oximeter over the others. The best places to look for reviews are towards the bottom of the Web pages on which the oximeters are listed for sale.

6. Examine the pulse oximeters on your consideration list for special features. Many portable devices will also measure heart rate, burned calories and other data. Larger, more expensive models can have dozens of special features. When considering features, think critically to decide whether you would actually use them. If you determine that a no-nonsense oximeter with few features will meet your needs, it can save you a lot of money.

7. Read the product details and reviews carefully to try to determine how difficult the devices are to use. It’s important to avoid buying pulse oximeters that are extremely complex if you’re not confident you’ll be able to use them.

8. Look into the refund, return and warranty policies of all the oximeters you’re considering and factor that into your decision. Since these are all relatively expensive and delicate devices, it’s important to make sure that you can return defective devices without a hassle and know that your device is under warranty for a reasonable term.

9. Check with any relevant doctors, nurses, coaches or trainers after you choose your pulse oximeter but before you purchase it. This is just to make sure you don’t overlook any important features or accidentally buy a product that has a reputation for being unreliable. After you take all of the above factors into consideration and check with your medical advisers, the pulse oximeter that stands out as the best is probably the one you should buy.

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