The Importance Of Email Marketing And Article Marketing

by Marc Tate
Proper marketing is the key to the success for any type of business. If you are unable to draw the attention of the probable customers or keep in touch with the existing ones, then you will not be able to succeed in the competitive world of business. A proper marketing strategy looks towards informing probable and existing customers about the importance of your product and the know how of your company and its reputation.

On the internet, there are two effective ways of introducing your product to your customers. The process of email marketing  and article marketing takes care of the marketing of your business properly over the internet, to increase your popularity and customer base.

In the process of email marketing, companies and business organizations send relevant communication via email to arouse the interest of the customers towards their products. Some organizations also use this marketing method to inform the customers about the different upgrades and innovations that have taken place in their existing products and what offers are extended, to continue the business relationships with the customers.

The emails are sent periodically as reminders or as promotional advertisement, for new products to new and existing customers. These emails help in building customer loyalty and easy and effective promotional measure over the internet. From generating interest about your products for a new customer, you can also use these for convincing existing customers to continue their relationship with your organization through various product purchases.

The basic advantages of the email marketing schemes are that you can send the same promotional email directly to a huge number of potential customers in the same format. You do not have to spend extra effort in customizing names or other credentials. Just mention the recipients address and a generic addressing method like “Drear Customer” is enough to generate these emails for promotional or marketing basis.

It is quite cheap and you can find it out for yourself, if this promotional scheme is really working by keeping track of the return hits that you are receiving through those emails. Moreover, since internet users regularly check their inbox you can be rest assured that your promotional idea or advertisement has been read by your customer, no matter where he is.

Another form of marketing technique known as the article marketing is gaining importance on the internet. In this marketing-method, you are going to find that there are various types of websites available on the internet that has articles dedicated to particular group of products and at the end has associated links, which divert the customer to the particular website that sells the products related to that topic.

This is a great way to boost marketing on the internet. Both email marketing and article marketing  are powerful tools available on the internet to increase the volume of business and client base for businesses. These ecommerce tools are widely used by various organizations effectively to generate huge amount of revenues for their products and organizations effectively at very low costs.

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Jan aka Jaz Green Senior   
I prefer articles and blog posts over email marketing and agree they are essential promoting tools for one's business.
Aug 8th 2009 10:27   
Stephanie Fulcher Advanced   Internet Marketer
This is a great Article. I use different methods of marketing. However email marketing is a good tool i you do' abuse it.

Aug 9th 2009 17:03   
MichaelAp Clayton Magnate I   I Earn My Income Online ...Join Me
Hi Mark

Yes email marketing is good provide you do not use lists, provide you generate your own email leads.

I use article markrting all the time just see my blogs here.

Mark I totally agree and top it.
Aug 11th 2009 04:52   
Lisa Han Innovator   
I tried email marketing for a travel website these days, and got really good results.
Jul 28th 2011 03:13   
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